DC Chillin'

I had the MOST amazing time this past weekend in DC visiting the lovely Mr. & Mrs. R! The trip started a little shaky (flight delayed two hours, made me check my carry on at the gate), but were quickly improved upon entering baggage claim where I was greeted by Mrs. R. By the time we made it back to their cute home in Shirlington Village, it was already past 1 AM, but that didn't stop us from chatting until well past 3 AM.

Friday morning we were up at 8:30 AM and walked along this cute creek and played at the dog park (mind you we were minus an actual dog), and then headed over to Five Guys with Mr. R and enjoyed a bacon-wrapped hot dog and fries (delish). Then we dropped Mr. R back off and headed to Georgetown.

Had to make a stop at Dean & Deluca for divine chocolates (two small truffles cost me $3) and the absolute best soy chai latte I have ever had. We did some window shopping, and just enjoyed the hustle and bustle of college students assembling last minute Halloween costumes. I also picked up these since they were only $8!

Next we were off to Clarydon for more shopping and wine tasting.

We had to get a picture with the gorgeous fall foliage behind us. Gotta love those long arms of Mrs. R! We grabbed a glass of Buehler chardonnay (super good, highly recommend) at 3 Bar & Grill and then enjoyed a wine tasting at Best Cellars.

Back in Shirlington that evening we decided to stay local and hit up Bungalow for some beers in mason jars, and darts of course!

Mrs. R and me before too many drinks...

Mr. R (rocking the skinny tie) & me

Mrs. R enjoyed a Blue Moon (that's a lotta beer!)

The lovely hosts Mr. & Mrs. R - aren't they just so cute?

After hitting the hay a little late (4:00 AM anyone), we all decided to sleep in a little and then Mrs. R and I were off to Crystal City Shopping Center for last minute additions to our Halloween costumes. While we were there, we took the chance for a photo-op with a pretty fabulous couple.

Then we were back home and prepping for Halloween madness. The plan was to catch a taxi into the DC area and hit up the bars there. Well, after waiting 2 hours and still no cab, we decided to make the most of the evening and headed over to Bungalow again and we had a frickin' blast.

Black Cat & Slutty Sailor (no getting around it)

Halloween crew: Black Cat, Lederhosen Man, Mexican Mask Man, Pinocchio (minus the nose) and Slutty Sailor with Chocolate Cake Shots (yum!)

Had to get a pic with Layfette - his costume was dead on!

Sunday was here before we knew it and sadly it was back to the airport for me...our weekend of fun was jolted a bit by a run-in with the law. We fought them, but they won.

Mrs. R with her speeding ticket at the airport. We almost got away with no trouble this weekend!

Thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. R for having me this weekend. It was a fabulous visit and I cannot wait to do it again in Spring 2010 and experience all those fabulous cherry blossoms!


Coug Gal said...

Such great photos of Carrie and you! D.C. is so pretty this time of year! Sounds like a great trip!

Stephanie said...

What a fun trip - your pics are gorgeous!

Stacie said...

What a fun weekend!! I'm glad you got to experience DC with the R's!!! Maybe you should make Boston part of Spring 2010!! :)

Erin said...

Gorgeous photos! Looks like you guys had a blast.

¶ M said...

Loving each & every picture. Looks like you had a blast :)

Jaime said...

Fun pics! Cute costume too!

Michelle said...

What a fabulous trip out to visit the R's! Great pics!!! When are you thinking of going in the Spring? I am pretty certain I will be visiting the east coast this spring as well!

Lynne said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun weekend. I love all the pics and your costumes on halloween!

Sweet Nothings said...

what fun!!!

Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

You two are seriously adorable. I LOVE the Dean & Deluca shot outside - gorgeous! So glad you got to spend such fun time with sweet Carrie + Mr. R!

Kris said...

Love you girls! So glad you had such a great time. Your pictures are gorgeous! What do you do to your photos to give that pretty glow? Is that Piknic?

Rosellini said...

Looks like you had a fab time! I love that picture of you two with the fall trees...could be on a mag cover! Gorgeous!

Lyndsy said...

Stacie ~ I think a stop over in Boston is definitely in the works!

Michelle~ I am thinking May 2010 for Carrie's big 3-0!! You should come!

Kris ~ Yes Picknic, and I just basically play with all the buttons/options until I like the way the photo looks :)


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