Hip, Hot, Sequins

Ever since I saw this twitter pic of Katy Perry's sequin-licious nails I have been wanting to replicate the look badly. However, I am pretty sure I would only feel comfortable rocking this look for a holiday party or for one night only!

If I do find an occasion to rock this manicure, I think I'd be silly not to sport the heels below along with it.

I love the combo of the gold heel and silver sequins to give these pumps a little more pizazz. However, I am not so sure that I would get as much use from silver, but I KNOW I would get plenty of use out of the goldies!

Which are immediately added to my Christmas wish list. Enzo Angiolini has outdone themselves with their 'Merryann' Pump. My name may not be Ann but I will be very merry to own these goldies this holiday season.

In case you have never worn or owned a pair of Enzo's, take it from this girl who owns three pairs. Enzo's are totally dressy shoes that are also, wait for it.....COMFORTABLE!

So whether you're sporting them on your nails, in your hair or on your feet, get your SEQUIN on!


Blyth Family Blog said...

As usual, love your style girl!!

Brettan said...

These are Minx! Which I've been dying to try! Ultra shiny metallic nails that don't chip - I'm in. They're like $50 ... but I could splurge for NYE maybe?

Jaime said...

Love the gold pair- so fun for holidays.

Lyndsy said...

Brettan~ These would so rock for NYE! How I had not thought of that is beyond me. Well worth the 50 bucks if you have a rockin' party to go to!

Avery Bleu said...


prashant said...

Love the gold pair. its wow..

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Sweet Nothings said...

i joke that I am like a fish..I am attracted to anything sparkly and shiny! aka the christian loubs i just splurged on!!!


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