Get Your SBux On

The days and months leading up to April 15th are usually full of stress and disgust, due to that dreaded little thing....

But luckily, you have a whole 'nother year before you have to think about them again! That calls for a celebration right?

Well my friends, the kind folks at Starbucks are hoping to provide a little relief not only to you, but also to our environment.

Head into your local Sbux with a reusable coffee mug and receive a free cup of drip. I took my new mug that I received from my Easter Bunny roomie Lindsay from Old Navy and collected my free cup of Pike Place Brew and a slice of the Reduced Fat Berry Coffee Cake. I added a little soy milk and a dash of cinnamon to my coffee and let me just say it is heaven in a mug.

I will admit it. I love my Sbux. I love my white cup with the green logo. What I love more however, is keeping some extra change in my pocket and not being so wasteful. Every time you bring in your own reusable travel mug, Starbucks will give you 10 cents off your drink of choice. You gotta feel good about that!

I found some cute and reasonably priced reusable mugs that are yours for the purchasing. I have 3 travel mugs that I rotate use of and I'm telling you, it really makes my coffee taste better, and it keeps it hotter longer.

Similar to the one I am drinking from today and perhaps the most popular (it really looks like a cup from your favorite coffee shop), is the I'm Not A Paper Cup porcelain cup. It's simple, no frills, no gimmicks, just a coffee cup you can use again and again.

I personally heart this Hot Pink Porcelain Friendly Reusable Coffee Silicone cup. It's bright and cheery and perfect for coffee or tea! As an added bonus it has the sleeve that keeps your hand from getting too hot or your drink from slipping. Brilliant!

I love the design and added features of Australian brand Keep Cup. The sleeve to help you keep a grip on your coffee, the movable plug that prevents your drink from splashing all over the place and the three size options to ensure you have just the right amount of coffee or tea. Plus they are available in a variety of color combinations so that you can coordinate with your car, outfit, office, whatever.

So go ahead, drop the $10-$20 for the mug and then put it to good use. Helping the environment and saving a little dough will make that morning cup of joe (or tea) all the more enjoyable!


amy b.s. said...

my friend did this today and the gal at starbucks greeted him with "happy earth day." loved it.

Happenstance said...

I'm with you on this one. Not sure what I'd do without my little escape called Starbucks:)

Amber said...

CUTE! I forgot to get mine but I could sure use some right now, may have to bring in my reusable cup for a refill...

Megan said...

I love Josh Hoge. Nice pick.

ashlina said...

yay for taxes being over...sigh.

and YAY for starbucks...wish coffee was an tax credit.

humble happenings said...

I totally think about this everytime I get coffee... we are SO wasteful. it's ridiculous how much packaging everything has. I love that white one that looks just like paper!


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