Beauty Review ~ Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I recently joined the world of twitter (@lyndsylee) and came across this amazing post by the always stylish Amber of Amber's Notebook.  Her post was perfectly timed with my birthday party celebration (posting about soon) and I thought who needs a manicure when the look I want can be achieved at home and look so great?

On Saturday I frantically hit up various drug stores (thank you Brandon for your patience) to find Frock Star and wouldn't you just know, third time was a charm.  I threw down my $11 dollars and walked out with a smile on my face. 

Once I was home, I ripped open the package and got started.  *Warning* it did take me close to an hour to complete this project, and I followed Amber's instructions on my IPad (reused some applications twice) and turned out with 10 sparkling nails. 


Yes I realize, not the most flattering picture, but the blackberry captured the sparkly goodness pretty well I thought.  I applied the polish stickers (that promises to hold up 10 days) on February 5.  I also went the extra mile and applied a clear top coat (thanks for the rec Amber!)

Drinking some Veuve with my new nails on February 5th.  Picture does not do them justice at all!

And here's my nails today, February 15th, 10 days later still looking fantastic and not chipped one bit.

I am in LOVE with this product.  It is one I will most definitely be purchasing again.  I would say that if you are going to purchase this product I would advise to go for the fun designs over the solid colors.  I have received numerous compliments on the polish (oddly enough - mostly from guys) and am just so pleased with the results. 

I believe I will attempt to take the polish off this weekend with just plain nail polish and advise how well that works for me. 

And just to leave you with a pretty picture of the results (instead of my sausage like fingers) please see Amber's results below.  Oh so pretty!


Ugh..I hate to admit this since I REALLY love this product, but taking this puppies off was torture.  It took my an hour to get them off all the way and was left with pruned up fingers and sore nails from soaking in nail polish remover so long.  While I think I will use the product again and still stand behind the quality, I would advise seeing a professional for removal if you are going to use them. 


Linley said...

wow! that's amazing that 10 days later they look just as good! my nail polish chips within 24 hours.

i've been wanting to give these things a try - looks like they'll be worth it! thanks for sharing!


Lindsey said...

Those looks fabulous. I rarely find the time to find do my nails, so if I can find something that lasts ten days I am all for it. I am going to have to hunt those down as well.

Danielle said...

amazing! I CANNOT wait to try! where did you get it? cvs/target/sallys?

that sparkle hot pink screams Danielle!

oh, I went to write on Kristens wall and I saw you there, Im going to friend request you. :) I'm so excited for next weekend!

Jodi said...

Very pretty but looks complicated! Not sure I would have the patience to put them on. Keep us posted as to how easily it comes off.

Amber's Notebook said...

Aww you are too sweet!! Thank you for the shout out and UMM thank goodness you joined the twitter party my darling! Fashionably late as always ;)

Miss E said...

This is awesome - can't wait to try it!!

I'm on Twitter: @misseinaz. Heading to find you now!

Miss K said...

I'm so going to try these, maybe on my work break i'll buy them. i've been dying to try them for a while and have heard nothing but positive things about it.

Marrisa said...

Those nails look awesome!
Please check out my blog and follow me!

amy anne said...

That is amazing! They looks so good. I'll have to check those out!

Holly said...

i got some sephora ones for xmas, you have inspired me to put them on tonight!!

christie said...

this is so great to know! i cannot wait to try it out!! thank you for the reco :)


Megan said...

My best friend did this and hers lasted for two weeks..and she said they would have lasted longer..she had to take them off! And what was great after they came off, her nails were so long and strong! Once I heard about this I went to Walmart (only place you can find them here) and I bought them for $8. I followed the instructions on the box but, unfortunately, I didn't have this luck! By that night they were peeling off :( I think I might have done something wrong b/c I want to wear them! I'll follow the directions you did!

idratherbeshopping said...

love these...will have to give them a try! so glad i discovered your blog today!


Megan @ Lovely Happenings said...

sooo doing this tomorrow. I can't wait.

hello. said...

these are so much fun :)

a tip to get any glitter nail polish off is to cut little squares of felt, soak 'em in polish remover, press the felt squares on your nail for a bit and then remove. the felt squares are the trick :)

just found your blog today- love it!

jesslope said...

i love this product. i also posted a pic on my blog. check it out: http://lifeinprogress-jesslope.blogspot.com/2011/06/beats-manicure.html


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