Song Of The Week: My Body

I was doing really well with my news resolution to work out more often and then work got really busy and then it was my birthday week and now it is the second week of February and I haven't much to show and my jeans are fitting a bit tight from all the celebrating.  Which is why I was SOOO excited that today's LA Groupon was $35 for 5 classes to Circuit Works in Venice.

Many of my gf's attend classes there and they all absolutely gush of how wonderful (and hard) the classes are.  I am very excited (and a little scared) to get in and experience it myself.  Which is why I chose "My Body" by Young the Giant to help me get motivated.  I mean with lyrics like,
"My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit
cause I want more, cause I want more"
how can you not push yourself a little harder?  If you live in LA and are interested in getting a little sweaty,  be sure to sign up for the deal here and who knows, maybe I'll see you there!


Anonymous said...

If I was closer to Venice I'd consider it :)

Danielle said...

i wish i was closer too..i need some more motivating lately!

hope you had a fab weekend lovie!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh great song! Thanks for sharing!


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