Song Of The Week: Born This Way

Lady Gaga can do no wrong in my eyes. I can listen to her album over and over again and her music still makes me smile and want to dance. Which is why last Friday morning I was thrilled by the release of her new single Born This Way [EP]

Yes the song sounds eerily similar to Madonna's Express Yourself (Album Version) but it does happen to be one of my fave Madonna songs so I don't particularly mind. 

Gaga's performance at the Grammy's was entertaining and had me vowing to workout more and get abs like hers.  Say what you will about her style, but Lady Gaga is just my favorite.  I like what she says and stands for and I love all the attention and thanks she bestows upon her "little monsters". 

Do yourself a favor and download this song immediately!


Anonymous said...

She's definitely an entertainer!

JAG said...

Seriously, who else could pull off fake new bones in her shoulders??? Who else would even think to do that.... She is AMAZING.


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