Happy {Birthday Celebration} Weekend

I am pretty sure this will be my argument for Saturday night when I head out to Santa Monica to grab drinks and celebrate good times with the friends. 

I apologize for the lack of posts this week, but can share that my 31st birthday so far has been my favorite of all!  Can't wait to share all the goodies with ya'll next week.  I am taking an extra long weekend and will return on Tuesday! 



Danielle said...

happiest bday weeked! enjoy. have a few drinks. this is my new motto as well!!

cheers to a fabulous year ahead!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday!!

nicole said...

happy birthday!!! this is the awesome-est quote!!!

Sarah said...

umm love that quote!! i will be using that next time i go out!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

I love that quote!! So cute!

Happenstance said...

That is a funny quote. Happy birthday! You're thirty-fun years old now:) Enjoy!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday!!! That is a totally appropriate birthday saying! Go for it and have fun!!

Linley said...

what a great quote for your birthday! or.. anytime you're out. (:

hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Tara Holmes said...

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!! You deserve only the best pretty lady!

amanda said...

woooo! i hope your birthday weekend has been nothing but whimsical.

and i love that print. i need that hanging above my toilet for the next time i'm throwing up over or something. haaa.

Valerie said...

HAHA, that's really funny. I love it. I hope you had a great birthday!!!


Tara said...

Hope you had an amazing birthday!!!

Cheers to the many years ahead!


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