Oscar Time 2011

It's Oscar time again!  This Sunday will be an evening of glamour, movies and hopefully some laughs courtesy of co-hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway.  I am excited for these two hosts as they are both multi talented and sure to bring something new to the show, which it could definitely use. 

I am proud to say that this year I made it my goal to see all ten best pictures nominations.  And I succeeded!  Below are my reviews and votes for best picture (in order of my favorites).

And the nominees are.....

I kept hearing in October about this movie the The King's Speech.  I read the description of the film and was like *yawn*, even though I really like Colin Firth.  When they announced the nomination for best picture I knew I had to my butt to the theater and can I just say, I am SOOO glad I did as it is my favorite film of the bunch. 

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are so excellent in this film.  It made me nervous, it made me laugh (a lot) and it really made me want to pick up a history book.  I LOVED it and really think it is a crowd pleaser.  I am also betting that Colin Firth takes home the Best Actor statue. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 35%

I am not sure why, but I wasn't super excited to see The Fighter - I mean it has Marky Mark in!  I watched this on a Saturday morning and was blown away by Christian Bale's outstanding performance as drug addict brother Dicky.  Also, Melissa Leo is unrecognizable as mother Alice and both deserve the supporting actor statues. 

The story is similar to all those come from behind to win movies but there is some serious heart in this film and it is my second favorite flick of the nominees. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 25%

I have loved all of the Toy Story Movies and am happy to report that Toy Story 3 is my favorite of them all.  I saw this movie with B in 3D and was holding back the tears at the end of the movie, as it just pulled on my heartstrings.  The characters, the idea of growing up and all that you leave behind and the nostalgia of my old favorite toys (Peaches & Cream Barbie anyone?). 

Toy Story 3 proved that sequels can be better than the original and also that some cartoons really do deserve to win best picture.

YBB Odds of Winning: 8%

Black Swan was a movie that disturbed me on so many levels and yet I loved it as well.  Natalie Portman's frightening portrayal of a ballerina trying to be perfect should definitely earn her the Best Actress Oscar, and the costumes and music were beautiful.  This movie literally had me squirming in my chair at parts and I left feeling unsure and weird. 

The movie was unique and interesting and I feel it deserves all the press it has been receiving, including its best picture nomination.

YBB Odds of Winning: 8%

B and I take turns picking movies at the theater and this flick was his choice.  I heart Jeff Bridges big time.  I once saw him at Palimino at lunch with his mom and he was carrying her purse for her and pulled out her seat and just was a true gentleman and ever since then I was a fan. 

The cinematography of True Grit is breathtaking and the cast is pretty impressive as well.  Matt Damon & Jeff Bridges are both hilarious in their roles and young Hallie Steinfeld is a welcomed fresh face. 

The film takes you back to simpler times and also the savageness of it all.  B and my girl Nicole seem to think that True Grit could be the dark horse and take home the Best Picture Oscar.  While I enjoyed the film, it wasn't best picture quality to me. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 9%

The Kids Are All Right was the last film I saw of the nominees and I was surprised to find that I ranked it so high out of all ten nominees.  The story is so intriguing and I found Mark Ruffalo, Annettte Bening, and Julianne Moore outstanding in their roles as parents to Joni and Laser. 

The film was the perfect combination of comedy and drama and really left me wanting to dine at Paul's restaurant and enjoying a glass of whatever Nic was drinking.  It also shows that family is family regardless of if it is man and woman, woman and woman or man and man. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 3%

I saw Inception last summer and walked away entertained, whereas B walked away disappointed and annoyed.  Which I think was most peoples reaction.  You either loved it or hated it. 

I loved the idea behind the film as well as the awesome cinematography and special effects.  The idea was creative and most walked out wondering what world Cobb was really in at the end.  Do we think there will be an Inception 2?  

Again, while I thought it was a good movie, not the best movie in my opinion. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 2% 

The Social Network or better known as The Facebook Movie was informative and amusing.  I didn't walk out of that movie thinking Mark Zuckerberg was an asshole (as I was warned I might feel) but instead I walked out feeling sorry for this genius as well as this Eduardo character. 

Jesse Eisenberg is satisfying as the role of Mark Zuckerberg and I finished the movie wondering what the REAL story is.  I also left thankful that Facebook was created. 

I know it won Best Picture for the Golden Globes by I don't think it holds a candle against The King's Speech or The Fighter. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 6%

I watched 127 Hours at my home and was told that not seeing it in the movie theater takes away some of the greatness of the film.  This movie takes you through the journey and struggle Aron Ralston experienced for (you guessed it) 127 Hours.  His knowledge and determination was impressive and inspiring.  

James Franco did a great job of portraying the highs and lows that Aron went through and the music compiled by A.R Rahman really intensified scenes and your emotions.  The landscape and scenery of the film (minus that one scene) was stunning and made me want to explore nature a little more.  

YBB Odds of Winning: 2% 

Winter's Bone was a flick I knew nothing about going into.  I knew it was a drama and that's about it.  My thought after watching was what an F'ed up flick. 

It was intriguing and dirty and made me want to shower as soon as I finished watching it.  It also made me feel so sorry for the main character Ree, played by the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence. 

The movie was at times hard for me to follow but I ended up understanding at the end.  It is not a film for everyone but again one that leaves you thinking long after the credits end. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 2%

Now it's your turn! 

What do you think will win best picture?  Was there a film that was left off the nominations that should have been included?  What were your feelings on any of the nominated films? 


Amber's Notebook said...

So excited!! I have only seen the kids are alright, the social network, and inception. I guess because I like to see movies at hoe not in the theaters. Good job seeing them all! Ekk can't wait for James Franco!!! =)
Amber's Notebook

Holly said...

phew! what a review. i still havent seen 4 of them, but from what i have seen, im right there with you on the king speech. Rush was fantastic, my fave character.

and we just say toy story 3 and i was bawling at the end.

Alex said...

I've also seen all of them and I have to agree - The King's Speech deserves to win. I was super skeptical when it first came out but when I finally saw it, I was surprised how fresh it was and the acting was truly phenomenal.


Miss Sweet Tea said...

I preferred True Grit to King's Speech, but I think King's Speech will be the big winner of the night!

Miss K said...

I've seen a lot of the movies, but not all. I can't wait for the Oscars, James and Anne are my faves. The commercials crack me up too!

I loved TS3, but have you seen Brave Little Toaster? It was one of my childhood favorites and it's pretty much the same story so TS3 didn't pull me as emotionally as it did others bc I'd seen it so many times.

Jamieofalltrades said...

I seriously can't hear the title 'Winter's Bone' without thinking about the Wayne's World skit SNL did the other week. Bone. hee, hee!

Better Off Med said...

I've seen everything but Winter's Bone and I wish my vote could be split for the Social Network and The King's Speech.

Danielle said...

what a great review!!

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic that you actually saw all of the nominated films. Most people don't do that. I think some members of the Academy don't do that! lol.


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