Tie One On....

Nicole left me a wonderfully sweet comment regarding our wedding pics and inquired about where we found Elon's tie for the wedding. Finding the perfect yellow tie is quite difficult I came to find out. I checked Thomas Pink, J Crew, Banana Republic and Bloomingdale's all without luck. One last stop into Brooks Brothers turned out to be the winner!

I purchased the Awning Stripe Tie in yellow for $75.00 and was happy to find a tie we both loved that matched our theme and colors. I see now on their website that yellow no longer available in this particular tie but I would suggest checking the store in person if you have one close by as they carried many colors I didn't find online.

Kelly over at A Little Of This...A Little Of That found a very similiar looking tie at Target! A much better price and a great piece you can get it here. Thanks Kelly!

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Kelly said...

I have seen one that looks almost identical to this one at Target. We got it in green for our wedding. It is really nice!

Search on Target.com: "Merona® Candy Stripe Necktie - Yellow"


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