Tune In Tonight!

Now I am not getting paid to advertise this show (unless you count living on Elon's salary as getting paid) but if you like country music, and love competition, then please tune in tonight to NBC. Elon left four days after our wedding to work on the show and has been gone for close to three weeks already (to return again in August), so being the good wife that I am, I am trying to support him and all his hard work. Thanks Ya'll!


Lindsay said...

I'm new to you [found you through somewhere/one else but I can't remember who, LOL.]...

What does your new hubby do for the show? I'm a country fan :)

style-ish said...

Totally unrelated to your post but I am on Natalie Moser's blog right now and I am in LOVE with your wedding. You are so gorgeous.

Your dress, your shoes, your bouquet, your husband's tie and bout, the yellow accents. THE CUPCAKES!! I adore it all.

Where is your post on the fabulous-ness of your wedding?! :)

Lyndsy said...

Lindsay ~ Welcome! Elon works as a segment producer for the show and loves it! He is so proud of all the talent and thankful for any viewers!

style-ish~ You are too cute! I am so on it today or tomorrow. I promise! Thank you for all the sweet compliments! It was a magical day!


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