Anna Paquin

I just had to share this clip of Anna Paquin from 2009, as her accent is just barely present. She plays the role of Sookie so well I had forgotten that Anna was born in Canada and grew up in New Zealand. However, do we think she is practicing for a role with that thick accent she was sporting at the SAG awards or do we think her fiance Stephen Moyer's accent is rubbing off on her?

I know...random.


Miz.November said...

Absolutely beautiful blog! Thanks for visiting mine. I'll be back to see what your up to. :)

KGD said...

I bet the accent comes out when she's nervous. Check out her acceptance speech at age 11


Anonymous said...

I have yet to watch True Blood but it's sitting in my Netflix queue!

And thank you SO MUCH for your sweet comment :) I am so grateful for readers like you!

Megan said...

I can't wait for the new season!


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