A few weeks ago I saw this L'Oreal commercial with Freida Pinto using their new face wash and . I was sold in the first 10 seconds. So this past Sunday at Target I picked up a bottle of the L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Face Wash. I couldn't wait to wash my face!

Well I am happy to report that the next morning in the shower, I tried out my fancy new $5.99 face wash and absolutely loved it! It makes your face feel so soft and totally clean. I am hooked and look forward to washing my face with it every morning (I have a different product I use at night - more on that later). I am so hooked that this weekend, I think I will head back to target to pick up the L'Oreal Go 360 Deep Exfoliating Scrub. It also comes in a Cream Cleanser for Sensitive Skin and a Cream Cleanser for Normal Skin.

Give it go and let your skin glow!


Erin said...

Love that it comes with a little scrubber - I will definitely be giving this a try. Thanks for the tip Lynds!

Amber said...

oh wow that intrigues me!! I love your reviews!

Trixy said...

I love that it comes with a sponge!

mommara said...

hmm I may need to go check this out. :)

Anonymous said...

this stuff is amazinggg! love love love

Jaime said...

I am glad to hear someone has tried.. I've been intrigued! My skin is so sensitive though- I worry the sponge would make it all red. I might have to just try it though!


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