Shea Cashmere™ Body Lotion

Last week I shared with ya'll how in love I was with Diamond Powder Body Wash, and doesn't it just seem fair that after washing with diamonds you should moisturize with Cashmere? I first became familiar with this incredible luxurious lotion from a coworker who smelled so good I just had to ask, and when she shared with me the name, I popped right over to Bath & Body Works and picked up a bottle of the True Blue® Spa Shea Cashmere™ Body Lotion. I was so happy that I found a moisturizer that not only smelled heavenly but left my skin soft, dewy and lovely. This lotion gets me compliments whenever I wear it!

Bad news: They stopped selling it in the stores.

Good news: My GF Jaime called me at work one day to share the news that they finally were selling it online again after a 6 month hiatus.

Sweet Santa brought me two bottles under the tree and I am just as happy as can be. Go ahead, don't stop at the diamonds, treat yourself to a little Cashmere.


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I have to say after you talked about the Nivea body wash I had to pick some up and I LOVE it! I'm bummed they don't carry this lotion in stores, maybe I will have to check it out online! Thanks for all the great reccomendations!

Jen said...

I have been meaning to snatch up a ton of True Blue Spa products, but I have to go through my bath stash of what I already have! Boo! I'll add this to my list... kinda bummed you can't get it in stores, but I guess online shopping is more convenient.

Thanks for all these awesome tips Lyndsy!

Beebs said...

Lyndsy, have you ever tried the brand 'C Booth' body lotion and body wash? They discontinued it (previously sold at Walgreens) but now you can find it online or at Marshalls often. It smells divine-- like lemons and oranges on a tree. Check it out!


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