Song Of The Week: Blame It On The Pop

I was a little behind reading my Entertainment Weekly and discovered this amazing and totally FREE download Blame It On The Pop by DJ Earworm (weird name, talented guy) as their #1 pick for the week.

It perfectly sums up the kick ass songs of 2009 and gets me motivated for my 2010 resolution to get in shape at the gym. While on the website I downloaded some other great mashups and so far I am NOT disappointed!

Blame it on whatever, but free music that rocks is just marvelous to me!


Sweet Nothings said...

ive been obsessed since i heard it before new years..if you go on his website, there are a TON of free mashups to dl...the boy is mine one is my favorite!!

Amber said...

cool I have meaning to watch the video because I heard it was so cooL! I love you song of the week posts!

..such a fool said...

Oooo thanks for sharing. I just listened to the song and will have to go download! :)

Wanderlusting Fool

Vineyard Vogue said...

I've heard of this mix.. but your blog was the first place I've listened to it. So cool! Thanks for sharing with us :o)

Lyndsy said...

Glad you gals are enjoying it! I am hooked. I downloaded 2008 & 2007 and No More Gas. All great for hitting the gym!

Amber~ Thanks for liking the feature. I hope to continue to make you proud :)


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