Red Carpet Rundown ~ SAG Awards 2010

I didn't actually watch the awards, but I did check out the red carpet and while I think they were a great improvement from the Golden Globes, I still wasn't blown away. I have VERY high hopes for the Oscars!

YBB Faves:

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I may be the only person who doesn't watch Glee (I know, I know...it's in my Netflix), and I may have been the only person who didn't like her dress at the Globes, but Lea Michele had me at hello in this emerald Catherine Malandrino dress. Wow!

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Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are just the cutest couple and I just love seeing them on the red carpet together. Kyra almost always gets it right in my eyes and this Vera Wang number was no different. She looked INCREDIBLE. The color, the cut, the fit, her toned body. Perfection.

arriving at the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards

Marion Cotillard was fun, sexy and a vision in Elie Saab. Notice the embellished shoulder I was talking about last week? Keep your eyes peeled for more fashions exaggerating that shoulder.

arriving at the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards

While most people know her from Glee, I will always think of Jessalyn Gilsig as Wilbur's mom from Nip/Tuck. She look regal and gorgeous in her purple gown (anyone know who the designer was) and had me coveting that dress.

So Close to Perfection:

arriving at the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards

Diane Krueger almost had the gold in her Jason Wu dress. But the mustard color was just not doing it for me. Her makeup and hair were gorgeous and I am really excited to see what she wears for the Oscars.

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I heart Christina Applegate and adore her style and grace on the red carpet. I loved this Robert Cavalli dress but wish it had just a little more color to it or she had gotten just a little darker of a spray tan. Either option would have been drop dead amazing.

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Anna Kendrick looked pretty in her Alberta Ferretti dress, but her hair and makeup could have used a little help. The bold fuchsia was just a bit too much for her understated makeup and hair. Plus I really wanted her to wear some huge earrings or accessories. This look was too safe and a bit boring.

Bad, Bad, Bad Fashion:

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How Vera Farmiga could go from looking stellar at the Globes to old and yucky in one week is beyond me. The colors of her J. Mendel dress were atrocious on her, as was her bold red lipstick and weird funky hair. She seriously aged herself 15 years in one week. I am hoping her stylist compared the two events and realizes that one look was definitely better than the other for the Oscars.

arriving at the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards

I am all for mixing it up at award shows and being a little daring, but Michelle Monaghan's Calvin Klein number just wasn't the right place or right fit or right anything.

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While I love me some Sookie and True Blood and I think Anna Paquin is adorable, her Alexander McQueen dress was not the right choice again for the event. For the Grammy's...maybe. Her hair did look really cute, but I was a little thrown off by her British accent at the awards ceremony....anyone else?

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Oh darling Drew...I am excited this year has been so good to you, but a little upset that you seem to be missing out on the best dressed list just barely because of the little details. Monique Lhuillier had a good idea going with this dress, the color is beautiful, the top half of the dress and the very bottom are executed lovely and then there's the middle part. It looked a little like she had just baked some goods in the kitchen and forgot to take off the apron. If you subtract that layer, throw some lipstick on her lips I think she really would have been a winner in two categories.

Who did you love or hate? Whose fashion are you looking forward to seeing at the Oscars?


Sweet Nothings said...

drew is on another planet, i swear

KGD said...

Anna Paquin is a Kiwi! Hence the accent.

Holly said...

we were thinking the same, i googled up anna afterwards. born in canada, raised in NZ. who knew? her Sookie voice is so authentic!! ;)

Tara said...

I tend to have similar likes/dislikes as you and love your 'rundown' posts.

Wouldn't it be sooooo much fun to get to dress up for the awards shows!!?? I love gowns and getting hair/makeup done... sigh!

The Freckled Citizen said...

We were traveling the night of the SAGs, but from your rundown here, I agree- much improved over the GGs!

Coug Gal said...

Lynds, totally agree with your picks! I loved Lea Michelle's dress too, the color, everything! Can't wait for your Oscar rundown!

Amber said...

No Kat Hud?? I loved her backless number with the backwards necklace. other then that spot on!

amy b.s. said...

see, i loved diane krueger's dress for some reason. she almost hit the michelle williams mark from the oscars a few years ago for me. can't wait to see what krueger wears to the oscars!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Glee, either, so you're not the only one! (But the ladies of the cast sure looked phenomenal!)

Lyndsy said...

KGD ~ Thank you for reminding me! I had totally forgot, but still I don't remember her having that thick of an accent?

Tara~ I would LOVE to go to an award show and get all dolled up. What a dream!

Amber ~ I didn't really like K. Hud's dress...I didn't hate it but just wasn't feeling it really...

Beebs said...

ohhh Lea Michelle looks stellar! the dress is gorgeous and so is she...plus Glee is absolutely to die for--and im not even a music geek :)

Jaime said...

I agree w/ nearly all of these and really liked Anna Paquin's... but I agree- wrong awards show. It would be best dressed at the Grammy's or MTV awards.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

I love Drew---too bad her outfit wasn't all we'd hoped, tear. I absolutely adore the two purple frocks. Apparently I need to splurge on some purple for my wardrobe...
XX Kate

Lindsay said...

You aren't the only one. I haven't seen Glee yet either. I love Lea Michele's dress. It's the perfect shade of emerald.


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