Oscar {Catch Up} Time

With the best award show of them all arriving this weekend, I have a lot of movie catching up to do before Sunday.

Anyone else super excited for these two to host together? I heart Alec mucho and Steve is just as lovable.

Here is what I have (or will have) seen in the Best Picture Category:

Although I had zero desire originally to see this movie, after many great reviews and a great date I could no longer say no. Turns out I REALLY enjoyed it and was massively impressed by how beautiful and touching this movie about aliens could really be. It reminded me of another Oscar winning picture, "Dances With Wolves" (love that one too).

YBB Odds of Winning: 20%

Most people found this nomination a surprise, but with big time director Peter Jackson you have to wonder. I have this flick in my DVD player right now at home and just need to commit to watching it. (Update: Finished this movie on Wednesday...very interesting. I didn't LOVE it, but I could appreciate the idea behind it and was intrigued by the idea)

YBB Odds of Winning: 1%

I am the most excited to watch this film as it seems to have the most buzz behind it and I have heard it described incredible. I am hoping to get to watch this one tonight after dinner. (UPDATE: Watched this Tuesday evening and was holding my breath the ENTIRE movie. Talk about intense! I was blown away (no pun intended) by this movie. The actors, the cinematography, and just the story line. Talk about being on the edge of your seat. You must see this one!)

YBB Odds of Winning: 39%

I started watching this Quentin film in January and fell asleep (not due to being bored but rather tired). At home waiting to be finished. What I did see, although very graphic was amazing and I think I am going to really enjoy it. Definitely predicting Christopher Waltz will win for best supporting actor. (UPDATE: Finished this flick last night and I just LOVED it. I have always been a fan of Quentin's work, but this movie is his best yet! This movie had me laughing, covering my eyes, cheering, gasping, just everything. Brad Pitt was great and I am just amazed at the storyline. So creative and touching at the same time.)

YBB Odds of Winning: 10%

One of my personal favorites was "The Blind Side". The story was touching, the characters well portrayed and that Sandra Bullock was amazing (definitely winning Best Actress). It was the movie you cried, laughed and left feeling incredible and all of suddenly rooting for the Baltimore Ravens.

YBB Odds of Winning: 5%

I watched this amazing Pixar film on my flight from Los Angeles to Seattle (gotta love Virgin America) and cried not once but twice watching! The story is touching, the animation impressive and the characters pulled at my heart strings throughout the entire film (SQUIRREL!).

YBB Odds of Winning: 5%

The four other nominated films that I will not be able to see in time are "An Education", "Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire" (look for Mo'Nique to bring home Best Supporting Actress), "A Serious Man" and "Up In The Air". I will give all of these films a 5% chance as I am thinking it is really a race between "Avatar" & "The Hurt Locker".

What are your Oscar predictions for 2010? Which celeb are you most excited to see on the Red Carpet? Any fun plans or ideas for this coming Sunday? I will most likely be cuddled up on my couch, munching on some snacks, and analyzing the fashion, perhaps with some champagne in hand. I just love Hollywood!


K. said...

You will like Hurt Locker, for a war movie, that my husband wanted to see, i was pleasantly surprised. VERY suspensful and the main guy is a great actor. Also, Inglorious Basterds, once you get more into it, it has such a cool storyline, i absolutely did not want to see this in the theaters and I did and ended up loving it, even though i had to cover my eyes a few times, but for a Taritino movie, not too gory.I can't wait for the Oscars this year! BTW, love you blog, SO cute.

Nicole Marie said...

i love up!!! it was sooo goooddd!! so cute!!
i havnt seen any of those other movies though

Amber's Notebook said...

I LOVED hurt locker, Although I was SCREAMNG the whole time!! I really need to see up and the blind side. I want to have a mini oscar party! I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

Allison said...

Every time I watch "Up" I cry. The scene in the beginning where it shows the progression of the couple? Turn on the waterworks. So sweet, so precious.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVED "Up" and "The Blind Side" - I also laughed and cried in both. Can't wait to see what awards they take home! (Also I'm curious to find out what you think of "District 9" - will you post your thoughts after watching?)

Miss K said...

awesome picks! I'm hoping to see the hurt locker tonight, i loved avatar, and i hated district 9. good luck! enjoy the show sunday!

Jaime said...

I wanted to see Up and Avatar and Up in the Air before Sunday...didn't happen sadly. Loved The Blind Side and Julie and Julia!

Heather @ Side of Sneakers said...

OH NO I don't think I saw ANY of the nominated movies!! Oh wait, I saw Blind Side! Yikes I need to get to the movies more often..

Mama Debs said...

If you love Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin you have to see "It's Complicated". I laughed so hard I was crying. Yet another movie to see.

Shelby said...

Such an informed post! I've seen all of The Blindside - one of my fave movies EVER, 95% of UP and 5% of Inglorious Bastards. Ha I suck bigtime.
However I'm thinking The Hurt Locker is too controversial right now to win it all - not the movie itself but all the drama surrounding it - The writer sending out that email and now getting sued by the guy who claims the movie is based on his life etc...I think the HFP may be turned off by all of that - but what do I know?

PLEASE let Sandra win best actress. This is so her year!

Megan said...

Out of the movies you haven't seen I highly suggest watching An Education. It's out on DVD at the end of the month. Wonderful!


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