Song Of The Week: Carry Out

Leave it to Timbaland to collaborate with Justin Timberlake and create another song I cannot get out of my head nor stop listening to. "Carry Out" has me grooving in my car and at the gym. It also has me seriously craving Justin Timberlake's next album, as his voice is just so smooth.

Another success for Timbaland, no surprise there!


Taylor said...

LOVE! I-Pod update tongiht for sure!

I have given you a Beautiful Blog award...check it out sweetie: http://curlyinthecity-tek.blogspot.com/

Carolina said...

my sentiments exactly!! I love this song more each time I hear it!!

And timbaland and JT are just soo cutie in the video!!

by the way...my word verification is "chingsta"...what do you think that means? I like it...just thought I would share...hahahaha!

Chuck said...

LOVE it! and downloading as I type this!!
I definitely am adding this to my workout playlist :)

Beebs said...

'tis a fabulous booty shaking song! love it.

Amber said...

I LOVE this song!!!

Sweet Nothings said...

im dying for jt to have another album!


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