Song Of The Week: Whataya Want From Me

I remember last season of American Idol so vividly...I remember looking forward to Mr. Adam Lambert's performances every week. He was fresh and exciting to watch but had to vocals and talent to back it up. Plus he is really, really pretty. I rooted and voted for him to be announced the next American Idol, but alas that was not his fate.

Apparently not winning AI isn't such a bad thing, as his latest single "Whataya Want From Me" is getting plenty of airtime. The first time I heard this song I had no idea who sang it, just that I really liked it. Then towards the end, I had a suspicion it was Mr. Lambert with his signature screaming (meant in a good way). And now, I cannot get enough of the song. SOOOO GOOD!

Did you vote for Kris Allen or Adam Lambert? How are you feeling about the latest season of American Idol? Any favorites?


Sweet Nothings said...

im iterally listening to this song right now while im at jury duty..i really like it..and im not an idol fan at all

drollgirl said...

i don't watch that show, but adam seems to be doing JUST FINE in life despite not winning!

Stacie said...

It's catchy!! So catchy a certain Mr. keeps hummin' along to it :)

Lindsay said...

I hated that I'm here for your entertainment song (or whatever it's called), but this I like this. And it was stuck in my head all last week.

Better Off Med said...

I always rooted for Adam too!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I heard this song and loved it- had NO idea it was AL. Wasn't really a fan of his but I will keep liking this song!


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