Red Carpet Rundown: The Oscars 2010

Can you believe the Oscars have come and gone already? I have to say that I quite enjoyed the show this year. It could because I love Alec & Steve, or it could have been the competition between my roomie and me over who could guess the most correctly (I won - yay free latte for me!), but most likely it was that I had seen *most* of the nominated films and was excited to just see who won (PS ~ My Hurt Locker prediction was right on).

The fashion for these Oscars however, was not as mind-blowing as I had hoped but there were some winners and snoozers. Check out my thoughts below...

YBB Faves:

(click to enlarge photo)

Good Goldie Mr. Oscar! These gals sparkled and shined in their beautiful gold gowns. It goes without saying that Sandra B showed up ready to take home the gold! She looked the part of Academy Award Winner for Best Actress in her Marchesa. This dress fit her perfectly and her bold red lips and simple hair were the perfect accents to this liquid gold dress. She looked stunning!

Cameron also wowed me in her Oscar de la Renta gold Cindrella gown. Not the normal look for Cameron. Her old style hair and red lips brought an image of Cameron Diaz back when we first met her in a little film called "The Mask". Absolutely breathtaking.

Lastly, little Miss Miley looked totally beautiful and age appropriate in her Jenny Packham dress. The cut made her look super tall and oh so tiny. I thought she finally looked less like a tween and more like a young woman. It was classy and flirty without being slutty (her mothers outfit on the other hand...don't even get me started).

You either loved it or hated it. SJP's Chanel Couture was one of my absolute favorites. The color looked incredible and she reminded me of Jackie O with her hair and makeup, just vintage classic. The back was gorgeous and I just couldn't stop swooning over her entire look. Bravo!

Elizabeth Banks also had me giddy with excitement in her Versace gray number. The layers were light and airy while the bust perfectly form fitting and showed off her amazing body. I loved the idea of her hair style and makeup but wanted her to have a little more blush and bit brighter lip color on her lips. The gray looked amazing with her fair skin but she seemed a little washed away in the face and her hair a tad on the yellow side.

Queen Latifah was impressive in that pale pink/purple Badgley Mischka Couture one shoulder dress. I have got to say that every awards show the Queen shows up to, she always dresses impeccably for her body type and always looks dazzling in whatever she wears.

YBB's Almost There:

These beauties were almost there for me. I enjoyed all of the dresses but just wasn't quite feeling the colors. Demi's dress was sublime but I was totally turned off by the color that blended in with her skin. Had it been just a little brighter or darker or something, I think she might have won for best dressed of the evening.

Rachel McAdams makeup, hair, body, fit of the dress were all so lovely (I REALLY hear this girl), but for some reason the colors of this gown, although now awful just didn't really do anything for me. I just wanted more.

Cute Anna originally was planning to wear a blue number and last minute changed over to this light pink/nude dress and I have to say the dress fit great the color, gross and totally washed her out. So instead of shining on her big night, she just sort of blended all together.


These girls (stylists) definitely need to rethink their choices for their next award show. These ladies all received a scrunched nose or crinkled mouth from me.

Zoe Saldana's makeup and hair were perfect. The top half of her dress was also perfect, once you got below the waist however...kind of a big old arts and crafts mess. The top of her Givenchy gown reminded me of my favorite Barbie growing up (Peaches and Cream) and I got REALLY excited...until the cameraman panned down. It was all just too much.

The always fashionable and elegant Charlize struck out in her Christian Dior weird boob dress. It reminded me of something Bette Midler would have worn in the movie Beaches while performing "Otto Titsling". You couldn't look anywhere else but her boobs and it was just tacky.

A lot of people loved J.Lo in her Armani Prive, but I personally thought she looked like someone had made a dress for her out of that fake snow (or batting - my roommate thought) material that you use for holiday scenes. It was just too much. The side was too big and overwhelmed her fabulous figure. It made her look bigger which is always a no-no on the red carpet.

Last but not least was Diane Kruger in Chanel. It just was so unflattering. This girl is quite gorgeous and could wear just about anything and look marvelous and yet somehow they managed to find the dress that did anything but flatter. The weird sections and ruffles and everything just didn't work. Better luck next year.

Who were your favorites? Who did I forget to include in the best or worst? Who were you the most excited for?


Miss K said...

Totally agree with you! Great minds think alike :)

Amber said...

Your almost there were some of my favorite hehe. The rest I agree but I did like how Zoe's dress was differnent and stood out. Although something was off about it. And I absolutly loved Nicole Richie's look . Great break down, I love how you group the pictures,

Mama Debs said...

My fav and it's probably my age group.....Meryl looking elegant and classy as usual and Helen M. she is amazing at her age. I can only hope to look this good.

Sweet Nothings said...

what was charlieze thinking.

amy b.s. said...

wasn't kruger so disappointing! maybe my expectations of her were too high because she's always on!

Blyth Family Blog said...

I too hated J.Lo's dress! Gag. Why did everyone else love it so much? I also totally agree with you about your favs...esp. Miley. I hate to admit it cause I can't stand her and think she's about as annoying as LiLo, but she looked beautiful, LOVED her dress. Good picks as always!! xo.

Cari said...

i agree with your bad. i love j.lo's curves but seriously they were like BAM--just too much! great post!

Jaime said...

Honestly, Charlize, MAJOR MISS.

Beebs said...

oh i was SO disappointed in Zoe's dress! what in the hell? i also LOVED sjp and cami's dresses...and beloved Sandra!

Shelby said...

Nice work Lynds! Agreed about J. Lo - was not feeling it at all and people were throwing around "best dressed" when talking about her. I thought she looked like she was wrapped in bubble wrap. No good.

Megan said...

Oh, toattle agree. I am so glad you didn't like J. Lo's dress either. Everyone else seemed to like it. Wtf?! ugly!


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