Happy {Musical} Weekend

This week started off not that great for me (hello hangover), then the sun came out to play on Tuesday (yay), stuck around Wednesday (woot), scored a single in my softball game Thursday and Friday said goodbye to one of my faves at work (sad) but sent her out with excellent news and champagne wishes!  Can't beat it!  Sunday I am off to see the divine John Mayer at the Hollywood Bowl.

Hello hotness.

Looking forward to hearing this song.

A guest appearance from the darling Taylor Swift wouldn't ruin my day either :)

I am also hoping to hear some of my favorites from his Where The Light Is:John Mayer Live In Los Angeles album.  This album definitely helped me get through some tough times, specifically disc two tracks #4 and #9. 

What is your favorite John Mayer song?  What concert has been you all time favorite?

Mucho love to you all!  XOXOXO


Lindsey said...

Agh, love me some John Mayer. Definitely love the song
"Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" if only for the incredible mood he creates with it. Best concert: two years ago in Irvine, although my favorite appearance is when he was a surprise guest at the Hotel Cafe. Have a ball at the Bowl!

McKenzie said...

Ohh you'll have a BLAST at the concert... I went a few years back, sat front row and caught his guitar pick! He's delicious. Happy weekend!

Sweet Nothings said...

i was at that hotel cafe appearance! i died. and i agree with lindsey..slow dancing in a burning room is one of the best songs. period. I also love assassin.

have a great time!

Courtney said...

OH John, you are fantastic... as are these lovely photos.

Enjoy yourself: I saw him in Vancouver in April and he was amazing.

I can't wait for next weekend as I'm checking out his show in WA at the Gorge with Keith Urban!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

How was he? I saw him a few years ago when he toured for his 3rd CD which I LOVE.

DeLane & Kevin & Parker Lilly said...

Love me some John Mayer too...uhm and that pic makes me drool.....

Lyndsy said...

He didn't play Slow Dancing in a Burning Room but he did play some other goodies "Perfectly Lonely" was one that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed.

I am hoping to get a post up tomorrow with some video clips of his concert. It was amazing. He is very charming and sexy.

Courtney ~ Enjoy him at the Gorge I am sure he will be incredible!


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