Me & John Mayer

Hollywood Bowl Owl City

John Mayer was phenomenal on Sunday night at the Hollywood Bowl.  He was witty as hell, sang beautifully and looked oh so hot in his white tee and jeans.  I knew he was an amazing artist but had never seen him live.  Holy cow!  He is a MEAN guitar player.  In the end of Gravity he played the guitar while it was on the floor and it was so intense and incredible to watch. 

John Mayer

He did an incredible cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony.

Which is one of my absolute favorite songs!  He also worked in a Don't Stop Believin'cover to end the show. 

My favorite performances were "Gravity", "Vultures", "Edge Of Desire" and "Heartbreak Warfare". 

That John just seems to always have the exact words that I am thinking, feeling or experiencing and Sunday was no different.  It was a rough day that ended with some beautiful tunes and me listening to John Mayer on repeat the last two days.  If you have the opportunity to see John Mayer live in your city, don't think about it, just buy, buy, buy. 


Mere said...

Oh I can't wait. I am going with my friend on September 10. Yay!


Sweet Nothings said...


Amber's Notebook said...

I heart John Mayer! How fun! If you have never seen the John Mayer show youtube it, I love it! I watch it all the time, it's only one episode but it's awesome!

Andi said...

So glad you loved it! I love amazing concerts. I have heard nothing but excellent things about him as a live performer, guess I will have to see him too!!

Stacie said...

LOVED the Journey cover!! That song will never get old in my book!!

Lindsay said...

he is amazing. i've seen him now 5 times and will continue every chance i get. <3

Schnelle Couture said...

i'd love to go to one of his concerts. love him ♥


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Awesome covers to hear! I love his Freefallin.

Michelle said...

I love his music as well...it really tends to hit home at exactly the right time! The last time I saw him live was 2002! Wow, really need to see him again it's been forever! Love you friend...xoxo

Miss E said...

I just saw him in Phoenix last week! Such a great show. It's so funny to think it's been nearly 10 years since I first saw him in a tiny hole-in-the-wall dive near my college campus!

Avery Bleu said...

I'm glad you recorded these. I can't believe I forgot my camera!


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