Red Carpet Rundown ~ Emmy Awards 2010

I was really looking forward to the Emmy Red Carpet yesterday, after watching Rachel Zoe's mad dash to find Oscar dresses on the Rachel Zoe Project.  I couldn't wait to see the amazing gowns, colors, makeup, accessories and hair styles.  Sadly, the selections this year were mostly dismal and boring to me.  There were a few standouts of course, but mostly I was just left feeling "meh" when the Red Carpet was over. 


photo credits: Matthew Imaging/Matthew Imaging/Jeff Vespa

Thank goodness these beautiful shimmering ladies came out to play last night.  Connie Britton in custom Burberry, winner Claire Danes in Armani Prive and Jennifer Carpenter in Oday Shakar all dazzled the hell out everyone on the red carpet.  The dresses were perfectly fitted and showed off these beauties figures and couldn't be missed wherever they went. 

On the Fence:

Jeff Vespa

I was anxiously anticipating January Jones arrival, after her show stopping Atelier Versace dress last year....my first reaction when I saw her was just kind of stumped.  I loved the color and the detailing but just couldn't decide if I loved it or hated it.  When I watched the show and they scanned over the audience with her in the front row, I got a little nervous we might see a little of her "britney"  with the cut of the dress.  However, after looking at it again today and seeing all the incredible detail on this dress, I think I do like it.  Not love it (like I love her date she brought, Mr. Jason Sudeikis) but definitely like it. 

Worst Dressed:

Jeff Vespa/Jason Merritt

These two ladies dresses just left me scrunching my nose in disgust.  The drapery of both dresses is just not flattering at all.  Lauren Graham's Yigal AzrouĆ«l dress had such a funky top.  The draping looked so sloppy and made her appear frumpy and dumpy.  Newlywed Anna Paquin disappointed in Alexander McQueen, with the bizarre hem and overly embellished top.  It made her look squaty and heavy.

Jason Merritt/Frazer Harrison

Where do I even begin with these two incredibly talented actresses?  Mindy Kaling and Naya Rivera looked like they had just arrived at Prom 2010 with their massive dresses and over the top hair.  I can't find who designed Mindy's dress, but the combination of the fullness of the dress in addition to her high updo just had me grimacing.  And Naya Rivera....you are absolutely gorgeous in every single way and this is the dress you chose?  It looks like a very, very, bad prom dress or bridesmaid dress.  The color is gorgeous, but the leg slit, and ruching and fluffy hair is just not working for you.  Please come back for the Golden Globes in something stunning!

What were your favorite looks?  What did you think of January Jones dress?  Who had your least favorite look?  What winner were you most excited for? 


Cara said...

loved Claire..on the fence with January too :)

Sweet Nothings said...

no january, no

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I really liked Anna Paquin! Only she could pull it off...

January- loved the color but not the dress itself.

Miss K said...

OMG Agreed! disappointed in anna's choice, I was really excited to see what she would choose after her married bliss. IDK wtf naya was thinking. didn't ANYONE tell her now way jose?

MerciBlahBlah said...

My favey fave was Rose Byrne. Also loved Claire Danes and Kelly Osbourne.

Least faves? January Jones, Naya, and was disappointed in Anna Paquin. I think she was just toooo short to wear the dress, unfortch.

Didn't get all the fuss about Lea Michele - it was too old for her.


amy b.s. said...

i had to look at lauren graham dress in multiple photos before i finally figured out what was going on with that dress. frumpy!


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