Song Of The Week: That's All

phil collins & genesis - that's all
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A few weeks back I was listening to a new mashup CD and they sampled this Phil Collin's song that I had forgotten I enjoyed so much.  "That's All" reminds me of my mom and cleaning the house on Saturday mornings.  I remember I probably argued and complained that this music was so crappy and dumb, and yet some twenty years later, here I am loving the song and listening to it on repeat. 

I had forgotten how talented Mr. Phil Collins is.  Listening to this song, had me creating a Pandora station centered around him, and yes it is fabulously 80's but I just love it! 

In the words of Genesis and Miranda Priestly - "That's all".


Miss K said...

Great song! This week, my song would have to be Katy Perry's "Teenage Dreams". I just can't stop singing it!

mommara said...

Love it. I love my 80's pandora station.

Courtney, Nicholas and Charlotte said...

I L-O-V-E Phil!! great pic.

BTW- how are you liking Dragon Tattoo??? I just finished and loved it! If you haven't gotten to about pg. 200 yet, stick with it. It really picks up!

Miss M! said...

I <3 me some Phil! I will have to try him as a Pandora station.

Lyndsy said...

I am so happy the rest of you are loving some Phil as well! Seriously good stuff!

Courtney ~ I am ashamed to admit that I haven't been reading it at all. Going to make myself try again this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

Courtney said...

Fab pick. I love this song & I'd never seen the video! Awesome.


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