Song Of The Week: Your Love

Back in college, I used to love me some Lil Kim.  Her raunchy raps were always blaring at the sorority and her videos were equally scandalicous.  However, Lil Kim grew up and we were missing a powerful, talented female rapper for a little while.  Enter Nicki Minaj.  I heart her. 

I first heard of Nicki Minaj watching Timbaland's sons Sweet Sixteen party on MTV.  This girl Nicki Minaj was all the rage and she escorted him to his party.  No idea who this gal was until "BedRock [Explicit]" came out and the female solo was completely inappropriate and completely awesome. 

Nicki Minaj's solo album is set to drop in November I believe but you are able to download her latest and greatest single "Your Love" right now and you will not regret doing so.  She samples Annie Lennox's "No More "I Love You's"" in the background and sings/raps some excellent catchy lyrics. 

I think we may just have a winner in Miss Nicki Minaj!  What do you think - next Lil Kim or just an impostor?

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kay*(from india.with love) said...

she is definitely on the path to being the next lil' kim. she reminds me of a black barbie doll...and considering her album isn't out yet, and she's been on hot track after hot track in '10...not to mention she's apart of one of hip-hops hottest crews right now (with Drake, and lead by lil' Wayne)..yeah, she's definitely on track!


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