Summer Essentials Series ~ Lovely Happenings

Today I am honored that Megan over at Lovely Happenings had the time to share her summer essentials with me and all of you lovely readers.  I have been following Megan for over two years now and this Portland girl always posts exactly what I am looking for often.  Whether it is cute inspirational quotes, some Pacific Northwest love, pretty interior pictures or Dexter/True Blood videos, the girl has it all.  Plus her sister goes (or went to) WSU which makes me adore her all that much more. 

*What beauty product will be with you at all times this summer 2010?*

My must have summer beauty product: Dove Ultimate Clear Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, Sensitive Skin 2.6oz.. Yep, it is a must. Summer means sun which equals sweat. Sick. This is the best deodorant because it doesn’t smell so it doesn’t compete with my perfume. And it is for sensitive skin so it keeps my armpits nice and cute for all my tanks and arm lifting (is even possible to have cute armpits though?).

*What are you craving for summer 2010?*

I am always craving a million different things. I cannot wait for happy hours outside in the sun, trips to the Oregon coast, lazy weekends, learning to longboard (hopefully I won’t break any bones), camping, spending hours with friends, summer weddings, concerts at the Gorge, and so much more! I just love this time of year.

*What is your essential summer song for summer 2010?*

This is hard to pick. It has to be "King Of Anything" Sara Bareilles. I have heard this song a million times and am still not sick of it. It is so catchy and she is just too adorable.

Thank you Megan for sharing your summer selections.  I just recently heard this Sara Bareilles song and it is rather pretty and lovely for summer.  I also heart anywhere up north during summer, the Pac-Northwest is always so sparkly, green and lush.  Gorgeous!  And I am sure that the people close to you thank you kindly for wearing deodorant in the summer heat.  Nothing worse than stinky pits.  Be sure to head over to Lovely Happenings and check out the darling suitcase Megan is craving or the Season 5 preview for Dexter (a whole post dedicated to my favorite show on television is in the works), you won't regret it!

Tomorrow, Miss Avery Bleu will close out the summer essential series as well as the week.  See you tomorrow! 


Danielle said...

i love that song.
and i adore megan. her bloggy is fab.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Ya love that song- heard it at Lilith, so great!

McKenzie said...

Portland is a great choice :) I'm headed there in a few weeks and can't wait to return to my hometown!!

Megan @ Lovely Happenings said...

Oh, thank you so much Lyndsy! I hope you are having a wonderful summer!


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