Red Carpet Rundown ~ Teen Choice Awards 2010

While I didn't tune in for the entire show (just for the Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber performances), I did check out the red carpet, and to be quite honest I was pretty bored with all the fashion.  There weren't really any standout looks (perhaps because of the casual-ness of the event and the age its geared towards) but below are some of my fave and least fave looks.

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I though Jenna Dewan looked gorgeous in this off the shoulder black dress and black heels.  The pearls are a great accent piece and she looks fun and sassy without looking slutty or overly trendy. 

Although I am not a fan of Megan Fox I will say that I thought she looked really cute last night.  I loved the skirt and heels and thought the top brought a little youth to what could have been a super sexy, slinky number.

I hope that I am not the only one tuned into ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars.  I have been hooked since episode one and the girls showed up at the Teen Choice Awards looking like bonafide stars.  While I loved all four of their looks my favorite look for the whole red carpet was Lucy Hale.

Her makeup, her hair, that dress!  Just perfection.  I am thinking she could be the next Rachel Bilson...

Some of my not so favorite looks:

Lea Michelle is completely gorgeous but I feel as though those shoes are just too heavy and clunky and her pose here is just throwing me all off.  I will say that her makeup for the evening was pretty glamorous and gorgeous!  Lea is usually always on and one of my favorites for any red carpet, this time I was just left feeling - ehhh.

The darling and fresh faced Emma Roberts looked as if she had just walked off the set of Twilight.  The makeup, dark hair and pale skin was just too much.  She looks like she hasn't slept in weeks and is thaleeepy. 

What the Teen Choice Awards did get me excited for is the August 29th Emmy Awards.  More beautiful fashion, just around the corner - Yay!


Miss K said...

I was disappointed too. I LOVED Lea Michelle's dress, but her shoes were GROSS. WTH is going on with her shrinking frame?? She was always thin and looked fabulous, but she is SHRINKING away!!

Sweet Nothings said...

i also really LOVED leighton in her white mini dress

oh, and ya, nicole s. KILLED IT..as did wayne brady suprisingle! vanessa was good I thought..nothing special

the higlight of my night was sitting next to the how i met your mother cast and spilling wine on jason segal!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I didn't see a pic of Jenna D...she looks fab. I love Megan Fox's look too. I am not a fan of Lea Michele... she looks too thin, I think!

Amber said...

AHHH I love the PLL girls!!!

Lyndsy said...

Miss K ~ The shoes were so gross and I HATE that she is getting so thin :(

Sweet Nothings ~ Leighton always looks darling and fresh. And can I just say how frickin' lucky you are that you got to spill wine on Jason Segel! OMG - I LOVE IT!!!

Jaime ~ I am with you...too thin!

Amber ~ Yay for PLL! Did you watch the summer finale last night? Intense much?

Avery Bleu said...

I love that Lucy Hale - so dang cute!


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