Drug Store Beauty Booty

I realized it has been quite some time since I shared my latest beauty finds, and today's post is dedicated specifically to items you can get at your local drugstore for cheap!

So a few months back I ran out of face wash and really needed to wash my face.  So I used a squirt of my Dial Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap, Gold Value - 11.25 Oz instead.  Took my makeup off great and left my skin clean and clear.  My laziness ensued and I ended up making this stuff my go to face wash for everyday.  And wouldn't you just know that I started getting loads of compliments about how great my skin looked.  This bottle costs less than $3 and is the best wash I have ever used. 

When I ran out of my hand soap/face wash I purchased the generic version of Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash - 9.1 oz. and I have to say that I cannot wait to buy another bottle of the dial because it works so much better!  Give it a shot, if you hate it or aren't pleased you can use it as it is marketed, for your hands!

I have always loved L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara and was pumped when I saw the commercial for L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara - Blackest Black.  The brush isn't my favorite but two coats of this mascara and your eyelashes are looking TDF.  Long, lush and full - exactly what I want from a mascara.  And for under $8!!

I also recently ran out of eye cream and needed to keep my under eyes moisturized, so I pulled out my trusty tube of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Jar - 3.75 Oz and rubbed it under my eyes.  A makeup artist once told me that all those eye creams don't really work and the most important thing to keep your eyes looking bright and young was to keep them highly moisturized.  Enter Vaseline.  For under $5 I use this moisturizer under my eyes, lips, and nose. 

I originally purchased my AQUAPHOR HEALING OINTMENT SKIN CARE 1.75 OZ TUBE for my tattoo to stay moisturized but quickly learned that this stuff works anywhere and does a great job.  Now I use it on my elbows that are cracked, my lips that are chapped and my knuckles that are so dry from the cold, blistering weather we have been experiencing in Cali lately (I may be exaggerating a little bit). 

But honestly, this stuff rocks and lasts forever!  It is also wonderful since it is unscented and has no tint, you can help keep your significant others pout kissable and soft for underneath the mistletoe!

Those are my latest cheap beauty finds that can do no wrong in my eyes!  Pick up one, two or all four.  I think it will be the best $20 you have spent in a long time!


Holly said...

im def going to moisturize my eyes tonight. good tip!!

Tara Holmes said...

I love your finds! I have never suggested anything via my blog and I just wrote about Aquaphor because all the older teachers at my school told me how wonderful it works and it really does. LOVE that I'm sharing a brain with you because you have a great brain. :)

Blyth Family Blog said...

I am going to the drugstore today, and I'm sp picking up the dial! That's crazy!!

Coug Gal said...

Lyndsy, I had to forward this to my dad! He has told me my whole life just wash your face with Dial soap! I am also a big Vaseline fan for my eyes. :)

Jamieofalltrades said...

I've been dying to try that mascara!

Michelle said...

That is really interesting about dial handsoap as facewash! My little brother's gf just told me that she puts hand sanitizer on her face every night before bed and she has the most beautiful, clear skin ever! Says she never ever breaks out. I just bought mascara last week, shoot! Next time I will try this one though...

Miss K said...

great buy picks! my fam LOVES vaseline, but I hate the feeling of it. i think i'm going to try it again as an under eye moisturizer.


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