Forever Frugal Friday

Dear Santa,

I have been mostly good this year and would love to see the following items underneath the tree in two weeks pretty please....

Plain and simple, I want this dress.  I enjoy the cute ruffled sleeves, the cinched in waist and the simple grey.  A winning combination that I could find numerous occasions to wear it to. 

I would also enjoy this lovely Creamy Multi Chain Necklace.  Not to wear with the dress above, but I am sure I can find loads of other outfits to wear it with.

Please and Thank You.



Danielle said...

Dear Lyndsy,

Since one of my resolutions is to stop buying clothes I do not need, I will have to ask you to stop Forever Fridays. It just wont be fair.


ps. that dress is uh-mazing

Danielle said...

just had to come back and say i got the dress AND the romper in navy. your killing me. and i have a problem..thats the frist step, right?

happy weekend.

Lyndsy said...

Danielle you are killing me! You seriously had me laughing outloud with that first comment. I love that dress! Please post a picture of yourself in dress on your blog?!


Kristin said...

Totally loving that neck candy! Gorgeous!


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