Song Of The Week: I'll Be Home For Christmas

Whenever I think of holiday music, first name that comes to mind is Bing Crosby.  I love his classic voice and the thought that his music is still being enjoyed by people of all ages.  I'll Be Home For Christmas on Thursday the 23rd, flying into Seattle and am trying to stay motivated for this week of work!  I am looking forward to seeing family and friends and introducing a special friend to all those that I love. 

Are you heading home for the holidays?  If so where do you call home?  Are you starting a new Christmas tradition this year? 

Wherever you are spending the holidays, hope you are spending it with the ones you love!


Holly said...

yay for special friends :)

hoping the work week goes quickly!

Anonymous said...

I love his voice...perfect Christmas song.

I'll be home for the holidays, but that's only a drive away. Have a safe flight home!!

Danielle said...

this is such a perfect song.

and yay for special friends :) hope that goes swimmingly

Anonymous said...

such a lovely song.

i'm heading up to alaska to see my family for the holidays. it sounds like i'll be having a sleep over with my 6 year old niece on Christmas Eve night. should be fun on Christmas morning!

hope you have safe travels!

The Zhush said...

So nostalgic..love it!


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