Favorite Flip Flops

A few years back, I spied this lovely Leather Carpri Sandals at JCrew and instantly fell in love. Not only were they super comfy and required zero breaking in, they also were dressy enough to pair with a sun dress for an evening dinner. I was super excited when I found a wonderful knockoff of them at Target for $4.99.

Well Summer came and went as did the shoes, and when I went to pick up some additional pairs for the following Summer, I was saddened to see that Target no longer carried them. I have stalked ever local Target and even online with no prevail. I am in desperate need of a pair and about ready to give in and buy them from JCrew. However, I figured I would put a last minute request out there to anyone who has seen anything similar to these at a fraction of the cost.

Help a sister out!


Lindsay said...

Here are some sort-of similar (flat and white)





these would be perfect, but they don't have white

Lyndsy said...

Thanks Lindsay! Those are some great finds! I will most likely grab a couple pairs of the Gap ones. Although I do adore the Old Navy swirly ones as well.


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