Real Simple: Flower Arranging

Back in February I was reading an article in Real Simple, "Keep Flowers Alive Longer" and thought it was quite a useful idea. Two days later I received the beautiful flowers below from Elon and realized that I could put the article to use.

Day 1

Day 8:

The article encourages keeping all the flowers together and just changing the vases, but instead I just broke up all the flowers into different vases so I could have fresh flowers all over the house. I made four different arrangements.

Using the pretty Sophia Coppola Sparkling Wine bottle we drank on my birthday, I placed the three freshest roses I could find. I placed this new arrangement in the bathroom to brighten things up a bit.

I picked up this dandy little vase for $9 at Harmonie Boutique on Abbot Kinney in Venice. What I adore most about this vase is the self help grid for flower arranging novices like me. You just cut and stick, and magically the vase arranges the flowers beautifully for you. A great house warming gift!

I received this adorable vase from my best friend Cassie. It is a tricky vase to arrange flowers in, but once you find the right style, the color and shape really pop.

So go ahead, divide and conquer those flowers!


Shelby said...

I love this post! The flowers look great!

Anonymous said...

i love the vase at the second picture!

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