Wino Wednesday

I generally am overly cautious about wines that contain Grenache grapes as they make the wine overly tannic and as you know I am not such a fan of tannic wines. So when Elon brought home this 2006 Ridge Vineyards "Three Valleys" Sonoma Zinfandel Blend I was a bit skeptical. Elon assured me that it was only 5% Grenache and mostly Zinfandel which I adore. Well...unfortunately my tongue is extra sensitive, cause the bitterness of this wine immediately stood out to me, versus the jammy yumminess that is Zinfandel. It was very dark in color, and perhaps in a couple years it will be an incredible wine. Personally, not a fan.

I have heard wonderful things about Ridge wines, and I am not going to shoot this vineyard down just yet. I think Elon paid around $20 for the bottle and I personally would have enjoyed a different bottle for that price. Judge for yourself :)

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