I LOVE Origins!

I have been a big fan of Origins for quite some time now, and no matter how often I try out another skin care line, I always come back to Origins.

I have been using the Origins Modern Friction™ for over a year now as my "tough" facial exfoliant. It's prety gritty, and it leaves your face as soft as a baby's bottom.

Everyone knows that LA has awful pollution in the air, so this little beauty comes in handy to protect my skin from the further woes of the environment. I use the A Perfect World™ White tea skin guardian daily after I wash my face in the morning. It leaves your skin feeling silky and it also makes your daily moisturizer go on smoother.

This has been my favorite moisturizer for the last five years, I even got Elon hooked on it. How can you not love a facial moisturizer called Have a Nice Day™ Super-charged moisture cream - SPF 15? It is so important to wear SPF on your face everyday that is at LEAST SPF 15. I love this one because it has a slight citrus smell to it and also a little goes a long way.

My new favorite Origins product is the Youthtopia™ Skin firming cream with Rhodiola. I use it as my night moisturizer because the scent kind of makes you smell like a hippy who just put mushrooms on their face. Elon always laughs when I kiss him goodnight, and calls me his little hippy. I can seriously say that this cream has worked wonders for my skin. I don't think I have the most wonderful skin in the world but this cream definitely gives my skin a little glow when I wake in the morning.

So if you are looking for a new skin care regime, or have a special event happening soon, or you have sensitive skin and always need to try before you buy....Origins has created this nice collection that includes everything (except the Have a Nice Day™ Super-charged moisture cream) called the Firming Experts. Smaller sizes so that if you love it (which I think you will) you can buy the full size, and if you breakout or have an adverse allergic reaction (my mom) then you haven't wasted all this money on the full sizes.

All these products are available at your local department store or you can get them here. They are sure to be a win for your skin!


Shelby said...

I have never in my life tried Origins but you're such a good saleswoman I may just have to look into it. They should send you freebies for this ;)

Lyndsy said...

I wish getting free product was that easy! I can seriously say that I think you will love their stuff. Keep me posted!


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