Project Runway: Final Three

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe that it is already the season finale of Project Runway tonight. I am super excited to see the collections (although I must confess I already checked them out weeks ago - exciting stuff!) but also sad to see my favorite reality show end so soon.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I must bring to your attention that after the 1st episode of Project Runway I posted who I believed the top four designers to watch out for and who I believed would make it far (not that it wasn't sooo obvious). Guess what! I predicted right. Tonight Christian, Jillian & Rami will have a fashion walk off with their twelve piece collection at Bryant Park.

Christian has had me laughing this entire season with his fierceness, and mad shit-talking skills. He is a wonderful example of walking the walk and talking the talk. I have been so impressed this whole season with what he has put together (and how quickly he sews!) and his sheer creativity. Expect to see this fella as a major designer in the next couple years. I don't think he will win (not sure why, but I just don't), although if he does win, it is well deserved.
Although all the judges have labeled his style as predictable, his finished pieces are flawless. He already has his own store front, has clothed the likes of Jessica Alba and is pretty much established as a designer, which makes me think he also is not going to be crowned the winner. He pieces are incredibly beautiful and very feminine, again his name will not be lost in the near future.
Which leads me to the last contender Miss Jillian. I think that the final two will be her and Christian and she will just beat out Christian by a hair. She has been very strong this entire competition, and her ideas are always different, yet classy, yet fun and flirty. All the things a fashion designer needs to be. Plus the girl has been sharing her fashion ideas with the Ralph Lauren team and it is time for her own ideas to shine under her own name.

The judges (joined by special guest host Victoria Beckham) have a tough decision ahead of them and I can honestly say that all the designers deserve it. Tune in tonight and judge for yourself. I am super excited!


Lindsay said...

I can't wait! I was finally able to watch last week's last night. We must steer clear of sites that may spoil it! Lori said Tim was on Ryan today - I am sad I missed it.

jmcquary said...

I'm excited too... and so is Randall (should I have spilled that information?) He likes Jillian too. I think Christian is talented but I think Jillian has more of a range. Can't wait to see who wins!

Lyndsy said...

Yes spill away about Randall! I think the show is filmed so well that even boys enjoy watching! It will definitely be exciting to see who wins! Wow!


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