Wedding Inspiration Board Carnival Style

Snippet & Ink has done it again! Providing me with some much needed wedding inspiration heading into the weekend. I am not a fan of carnivals at all, but I am a fan of everything in this board. The colors, the pictures, the waiters tie...EVERYTHING! I especially am in love with the china ball lanterns, as Elon and I are trying to figure out right now what color we want to go with. All white? Some pink? Some yellow? Help?


Lindsay said...

I think white. Maybe some light pink, or light yellow, but I don't think you want to detract attention from all of your other pretty details, such as your pretty. I think having them brightly colored may be too much?

Shelby said...

I agree with Avery. A lot of white and maybe some yellow thrown in here and there.
I LOVE the yellow parasol. I want those at my wedding ;)

coco+kelley said...

oh how love love love lanterns... white and yellow!! unless you are doing them in bunches, then maybe one big pink one in the middle? that'd be fun! hell, your wedding is going to be so fun anyway, it won't even matter :)


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