Wino Wednesday

I gave a less than stellar review to last weeks wine posting, so I thought since the sun is shining and Spring is in the air, I would share my latest favorite Chardonnay.

I like to head to my local Ralph's in the Marina and look for a wine in my price range ($10-$15) that has the biggest difference in normal to sale price. For some reason it makes me think that the wine I am about to enjoy is going to be REALLY good, because it used to be expensive. Sometimes that logic doesn't really pan out well, but other times you find a diamond in the rough, and that is exactly what the Magistrate 2006 Napa Valley Chardonnay is.

Normally priced at $21, it was marked down to $11. A $10 savings and priced at $11, within my range for a casual evening of Oscar watching with my good friend Christy. The label promises, flavors of fresh apple and pear mix with beautiful aromas of vanilla and creme-brulee... Well my friends this label was right on, and had me racing back to Ralph's to pick up additional bottles while it was at this price. Incredibly smooth, flavorful, toasty and just plain yummy.

Bob the wine Seward informed me that this is a limited edition wine and won't be available for long. So if you want a good, buttery, yummy Chardonnay....look no further than Magistrate.

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