Designer Crush ~ Wildfox Couture

A while back I was looking through some images and came across these fun ones that I saved and wanted to send to my BFF Mrs. R.

This one especially seemed perfect considering Mrs. R's affection for all things Barbie.

Upon further investigation, I realized that these pictures were actually ads for the popular clothing line Wildfox Couture. I quickly realized that I hearted most of their options but loved their ads the most because they remind me of my friends and I fooling around after a crazy Saturday night. Below are some of of Wildfox's pieces that I would like to add to my closet.

I may not live in BH but I work right down the corner and let me just tell you there are a ton of pretty people there and I am sure that I have Left My Heart in Beverly Hills before (even if only lusting after some Loubie's at Barney's). This off the shoulder sweatshirt is just so fun!

What's not to love about Summer? This Tee clearly addresses all the things there are to love about Summer. Some of my faves according to this Tee...Milkshakes, Sprinklers, Falling In Love,Sandy Toes, Hot Nights, Photo shoots, and Celebrating Everything. What do you love about summer according to this shirt?

Leave it to the always darling Cheryl Cole to dress up a slouchy tee the right way. I am dying to pair a hot sequin blazer with this I'm In Love Potion Tee. I just love this whole look!

Do I minorly have an obsession with hearts? Yes. Oh well, they just bring such a big smile to my face. I want to sport this J'adore Crest Sweatshirt to the Farmers Market on Sunday with some cute jean shorts and my converse tennies. Casual but fun. Also maybe a little Kelly Kapowsi-ish?

I told ya'll a while back that I was seriously digging skulls that aren't quite so rough and a little bit girly. Well this Oversized Love Bones Tee is right up my alley. Hearts as the eyes, dare I say cute? Slouchy and comfy...even better! Love it!

Yes the brand is on the pricier side, and they are only t-shirts....but I can't help it. I really want to add just one piece to my closet. I love how they are edgy but still fun and I also just really love their ads. If you are thinking these shirts look familiar, it's probably because you have seen many celebs such as Christina, J Lo, Kristin Cavallari, Katy Perry and Ashley Tisdale sporting their designs.

What you think? Fun and flirty or dumb and dirty? Would you wear any of these styles?


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Fun ads- I like that skull tee.

Shelby said...

I love these! Not sure if I'd actually wear them but the images are incredible. Good find ;)

Happenstance said...

I think they're totally fun and cute. I love the off the shoulder sweaters and slouchy tee's. Love the tee's!

amy b.s. said...

these are super fun. and are a little saved by the bell, but in a good way! love the slouchy tee and sweatshirt!

Nicole Smith said...

love them, would totally wear them... was not familiar with the line so thanks for the tip!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel you, girl. I just want one item. At least until I can afford more.I so want the blue sweatshirt.

Avery Bleu said...

Get out of my brain!!!! I started a posting on these last week!! We've never even spoken about it. WEIRD.

Lyndsy said...

Glad you are all loving them too! Somehow that Skull or Summer Tee will be mine!

Melanie said...

I found some great wildfox couture pieces at www.paigingjoy.com These are so cute!


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