Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Bikini Time

Maybe it's the sun that has finally arrived in LA. Maybe it's the sparkling pool at my apartment calling my name. Maybe it's the fact that last year at this time I had been to Hawaii, Mexico and heading to Miami and I have no trips planned in my near future.

Whatever it is (it for sure isn't the gym that I have been MIA), I am just craving to throw on a bikini, drink a patron silver margarita (fresh lime juice and salted rim - yes please) and relax. However my bikini selection at home is quite pathetic and needs some fresh additions. Any of the below would suit me just fine.

I have always wanted a flashy bikini to wear somewhere like Vegas or Miami. This Sequin Bead Bikini should do the trick I think. Gorgeous color and fun without being OTT.

Another vital piece missing from my collection is an all black bikini. Timeless and classic, no beach goer should be without it. I love this little ruffles on this AE Glamour Ruffle Underwire Bikini.

Usually I can find about a million suits at JCrew that I fancy, however this year not so much. One that I am loving though is this sweet Water Garden Bikini. The colors are bright and sunny and distract from the fact that the suit is white based, which sometimes isn't the most flattering.

I love striped bikinis! I have one very similar to this one that needs to be retired soon, and I would love to replace it with this Tyler Rose Gallows Pole Bandeau. This suit is sporty yet chic.

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow pink polka dot bikini. I love this one! This one is playful and cute and I love that the strap is detachable so that you don't get a funky tan line.

I am 99% sure this suit is going to be mine. I have a thing for bandeau tops and I love the slit in the front. The color would look lovely with a tan (in my case a spray tan), and just sort of relaxes me looking at it. Just what I'm going for.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been fighting a cold since last Friday that has left me without a voice, a loud hacking cough and lots of yucky phlegm. However, after some delish homemade chicken noodle soup last night, prepared by a very nice fella, I think I am finally on the mend, just in time for the weekend!

Bad lighting, taken with my Blackberry, but the soup was sure tasty!


Sweet Nothings said...

um i LOVE the black one. i need a new one with a little more modest bottom for around my parents, they dont knw about my ink lol. i think it would kill them!

Michelle said...

The thought of putting a swimsuit on my pastey, white, un-toned body with one or two extra layers of fat from winter sounds terrible, BUT...those suits are super cute! Where is the last one from? LOVE it!

the red bungalow said...

aye! bikini season comes up so quickly...time to hit the gym :)

Lovin the Tyler Rose bandeau, btw.

Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

Shelby said...

Feel better sweets! Love the black suit.

Mama Debs said...

I think I'm loving that really nice guy for taking care of my baby.

BTW, the pink suit is so you.

Amber said...

oh no feel better! You make me want to go on a run right now!

Jen said...

I really like all of those suits! Good picks. And that soup does look so soothing and tasty!

I need a new suit too since the clasp on one of my bikini tops broke. I've become a fan of Target suits because they are cheap and fun, and I can replace them every few years when I want something new... unlike the $100+ J.Crew suits that last forever and I feel like I can trade in.

Cara said...

love the polka dot one :)

amy b.s. said...

i so need a new suit too and i love that striped one!

Natalie said...

I love every bathing suit over at Anthropologie.

Psst...I am hosting a giveaway on my blog today, and I hope you'll come by and enter! xo

Miss K said...

I love the black on and jcrew one, i have a swimsuit with sequins and although it's super cute and totally ready for havasu and LV, by the end of the day, those sequins rubbing against you are killer.

Holly said...

that stripe one is supa cute! and the sequins one would be good with the top and then some plain black bottoms me thinks :)

Lyndsy said...

Sweet Nothing~ Covering of the ink is definitely vital around the parents! Good luck with that!

Michelle ~ Added the link, the suit is from AE! Super cute and totes affordable!

Jen ~ I feel ya. I usually buy only cheap swim suits but lately I have only been attracted to the pricier ones. What's up with that? I did just pick up a bandeau top from Target for $3.47, now I just need to get some plain black bottoms.

Natalie, what is your blog address? I couldn't connect to your blog. I keep forgetting to check Anthro! Thanks for the rec!

Miss K ~ Great tip about the sequin top. I hadn't thought about that.

Holly~ Agreed, sequins in the lower region might be a bit much....

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Love the black ruffled one and striped one! Hope you are feeling better!

Michelle said...

Thanks friend, I just ordered it...totes on sale! So cute, thanks for finding! Now we can be twins this summer, but just two states away kinda twins :)

Beebs said...

i luuurve the pink polka dot one! i, too, need to desperately update my suits for the summer.

Rosellini said...

This has me thinking...I too need a new suit...hawaii in 6 weeks and counting...but need the gym a little more....that post baby weight is still haunting me. Ugh! Hope you start to feel better....love that your guy made you soup...sounds like a keeper!

Anonymous said...

i love all these swimsuits. i did a post of those victoira secret bathingsuits love / want them!!
great post i really like your blog!



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