Happy Weekend

Sadly I did not pinch my pennies enough to attend the kick ass music festival also known as Coachella....

The boy is there enjoying some tunes, which allows me to be less distracted and more productive. On the agenda this weekend....

Spring Cleaning.
I have a big box I need to go through, 5 bags of clothes to donate to the Goodwill and just some general tidying up to be done. I only wish I would look as cute cleaning.

My first official sailing outing. So excited!! Let's just hope the weather cooperates!

Again if the weather permits, a little sunbathing (with sunblock) is definitely in order.

Lastly, grabbing some drinks with my sailor girl Feliss (in town from Ireland) and Kare at a fun new wine bar in Venice. Can't wait!

Hope you all have a music-licious, sunny and lovely weekend ahead!



Sweet Nothings said...

sounds so lovely! i should be cleaning. currently just ordered a pizza instead

amy b.s. said...

hope you had a lovely weekend as it sounds like you had a lot of great stuff planned! and if you want to send those clothes my way... :)

Anonymous said...

haha why is she the only one in a costume?!

Lyndsy said...

Sweet Nothings ~ Pizza sounds soo good!

Amy B.S. ~ Trust me, there was nothing you would have wanted. Old stuff that should have been donated years ago!

Humble Happenings ~ It was her bachelorette party! Ha!


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