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I first experienced The Tudors on my IPod, as I needed something to watch on the plane (antsy passenger here). I am not a huge history buff and could probably benefit from picking up a history textbook, as my latest history lessons are from this show (I know, awful).  Anyways, I was watching the first episode and let me just say that there are some pretty steamy love scenes which made me blush a little and I am pretty sure also the guy sitting next to me staring over my shoulder.  The first episode had murder, conspiracy, lust, and might I say the very hot Henry Cavill. The costumes were gorgeous, the setting serene and the story line exciting. Needless to say I was hooked.

Hello Handsome

The fourth season and final season of The Tudors began April 11th on Showtime, but it is never too late to get started on this historical drama. 

The first season was suspenseful and really set up the main characters and introduced you to the power hungry King Henry VIII. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is quite talented in his role as the King and received two Golden Globe nominations for his part.  This season is fast paced and the last episode left me shocked and wowed. 

The second season starts of with a bang, as well as a new list of characters in the opening credits.  We were introduced previously to the infamous Anne Boleyn played by the stunning Natalie Dormer who is a phenomenal actress and played the part with such passion that I both loved and hated her.  We all know what come of poor Anne Boleyn but this season was by far my favorite and the most exciting (and also sad) to watch.  The chemistry between Natalie and Jonathon is incredible. I wanted them to be together in real life it was so believable and they are just gorgeous together.

Which brings me to Season 3...

I am currently half way through the final episode of Season 3 and I have to say that these season has been a little dull and boring.  We are re-introduced to Jane Seymour who is played by a different actress then in Season 2, and all is well enough minus the rebellion. We are also introduced to King Henry VIII's fourth wife Anne of Cleves played by Joss Stone.  I am glad to be almost finished with Season 3 as we are left with the introduction of Catherine Howard who is sure to liven things up a bit for the King.

And so begins the "Final Seduction" also known as Season 4.  Which you can only currently watch on Showtime.  While I am sad to see this series go, I will say that it has encouraged me to head to the library and read some real history books and find out more about this crazy time in history. 

Have any of you watched The Tudors?  What is your favorite season?  Which Queen do you prefer best?  How accurate do you really think this series is?


Sensible Redesign said...

I LOVE the Tudors!! Alas I do not have showtime so will have to wait for dvd to watch the last season.

Miss K said...

I love history about the Boleyns! I've read tons of books about this time period (which was shocking to me, I never would have thought they would interest me) and think I'm one of the few people who can actually name all of Henry's wives and how they died. lol. I totally need to start watching this series, it's been on my to-do list forever now. Thanks for the boost to bumper to the top of the list!

Beebs said...

ive heard amazing things about this show...have you ever read The Other Boleyn Girl? A must read!

MaryBeth said...

I have watched every episode since the beginning and love it. I am very sad to hear it will be ending. I don't think it Is wrong to get your history from a soft porn showtime series, do you?

Jess said...

i love the tudors! season one was my favorite, partly because of henry caill =) haha. im glad you like it too!

Jen said...

Wow, I have never heard of this show, but then again, I don't get Showtime.

Thanks for the recommendation; I'm going to have to get the seasons from Netflix! I'm very interested in this period of history since I am a direct descendent of Catherine Howard and Anne Boelyn! I was so embarrassed watching the movie "The Other Boelyn Girl" for the awful things my ancesters did! Shock of horror! LOL


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