Prints Gone Wild

Yikes...I just checked out the photos from Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood Style Issue Event and I gotta say there wasn't much "hotness" to be found. More "hot messes" if you ask me.

Aubrey O'Day was the worst by far.  This number is wrong on so many different levels.  The color, the print, the fit, the belt?  Whoa.

Anna Kendrick looked frumpy and dumpy is this number. 

Sheryl Crow looked matronly and weird in this dress and shoe combo.

I normally think Ciara is drop dead gorgeous and I do love me some yellow but this dress is just too much all at once. 

It is kind of a sad day when I say the best dressed and best makeup for the event belonged to Stephanie Pratt who looked absolutely gorgeous in her navy dress and her makeup is one I would love to replicate.

Love the shoes, bag, and cut of the dress on her.

Her makeup is perfectly sun kissed and her hair gorgeous.  Makes me want to run out and find a new bronzer that achieves this golden glow. 


Miss K said...

OMG! I thought the same thing! Aubrey is out of control!! She's so disgusting. Steph Pratt looked gorgeous! I saved her pic too for makeup for a party tomorrow. Wow. what has the world come to??

Jen Madigan Photography said...


I agree with you on Stephanie's makeup - love the golden glow.

Beebs said...

wow, stephanie does look stunning...

Michelle said...

Ha! It is totally a sad day when Stephanie Pratt gets the best dressed nom from you :( But she does look really cute! The rest of the peeps looked awful!

Jamieofalltrades said...

She-Pratt has really had some work done!

Happenstance said...

Yikes, yeah this must've been a tough post to have to give the award to Stephanie Pratt. But I understand why. She does look great.

Avery Bleu said...

Ew, terrible wardrobe choices. Stephanie does look cute.

Olivia said...

good job stephanie!!!!


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