TreSemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo

You know what I hate...

When you think you have found a new product that will replace its predecessor, that is not only cheaper, but also just as good, only to find out it's not even close.

Well sadly TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo was a big FAIL in my book. This product went on wet and needed time to dry (strike 1), in the areas I used it my hair was white and dull as well (strike 2), the smell is gross (strike 3) and by the middle of the day my bangs still looked greasy (strike 4 - wait a minute).

(Remember this sketch on In Living Color - loved it!)

So, it's back to Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo 5 Oz. for me until I find the next great dry shampoo. Better luck next time!


Danielle said...

The Bubble and Bubble dry shampoo is amazing and comes in different colors. Also, the cheapest dry shampoo ever is the Lavender Baby Powder . . . for some reason the Lavender kind doesn't leave your hair staticy.

Anna said...

this dry shampoo IS horrible!! i have stopped with the dry shampoo all together & have been using Dust It powder. My hair loves it!

pennyrounds said...

I swear by this dry shampoo! It's like baby powder in a bottle and doesn't leave your hair white! You can get it at your local pharmacy.


Shelby said...

That makes me sad, I wanted to try it! Thanks for the warning.

Marcie said...

Great to know. I love when I find posts like this because they are so helpful.



curiosities by nicole leigh smith said...

this one is bangin' good

and the smell is nice!

Miss K said...

Bummer! I really like it and use it all the time. Good luck finding something that works for you at a good price, can't wait to see what you find.

DeLane & Kevin & Parker Lilly said...

am I weird? What the heck is dry shampoo and am I missing a huge beauty secret here???!!! IS it like leave in conditioner?

Kris said...

Thanks for testing it out! I am always on the lookout for new dry shampoo, I won't try out this one! :)

Beebs said...

i tired this too and i hate it!! i've been trying to convince myself that it's worth the cheap $, but really, it's a huge fail...i was going to blog about this today.

Anonymous said...

i use pssst! as well!!! its amazing!

Anonymous said...

I use the bumble&bumble white one too, I've heard oscar blandi's isn't as good, Rene Furterer is the best but it's super expensive! maybe I'll try this cheapie tresemme one to see if it works on my own hair! thanks xo

Valerie said...

Oh no, that's horrible! I recently heard about this one and was going to try it out, but now I'll know better. I love the Ojon Rub-Out dry cleanser. The smell is very mild and lemony and it works fabulously. Thanks for the info!

Mama Debs said...

My favorite, Rockaholic's Dirty Little Secret by TIGI. I buy it at the beauty store. I LOVE this one and I've tried many.

Amber said...

omglol you crackme up!

Lyndsy said...

Danielle~ Thanks for the tip! i have heard great things about Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo. And good to know the lavender cancels out the static of baby powder!

Anna~ Dust It Powder huh? Never heard of it but will research immediately!

PennyRounds~ I am definitely going to purchase a bottle of this to try out! Thanks for the rec!

Marcie~ Glad to be of help!

Nicole Leigh Smith ~ The attachment was for Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (which I do love!)

Miss K~ I am glad it worked for you, you were my inspriration behind purchasing!

Delane~ Dry shampoo is a dream! It's pretty much powder in a can that soaks up oil so that don't have to wash your hair everyday. Major time saver!

Kris ~ I am a willing tester!

Beebs~ I am sorry it didn't work for you either.

Humble Happenings~ I have tried the Rene Furterer one and while it is great, I just can't commit to the price tag! Hope the Tresemme works for you.

Valerie~I am not sure I have ever tried the Ojon Rub Out cleanser but am always willing to give things a try! Thanks for the rec!

taryn said...

ha! i loved that sketch from in living color! i haven't tried a dry shampoo yet.... need to try the batiste! ;)
your blog is adorable by the way! love it.

mr. pineapple man said...

will keep this in mind! thanks for the info! loving the blog~

morning.smiling@gmail.com said...

thank you for nice post and commentator .

A friend gave me this(shampoo) before as a gift and I can say that I fell in love with this product. I'm planning to buy more of this again



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