Happy Weekend!

Ahh..this week was luckily a fast one and I am totally looking forward to happy hour sushi with the girls tonight in Venice along with Season 3 Disc 2 of The Tudors

This weekend I am also planning to get some outdoor activities in as well as some relaxation by the pool. 

Hope you have a dazzling weekend ahead!  XOXO


Sweet Nothings said...

its supposed to be gorg this weekend!! yay

i have a bridal shower, dinner with the boy/ wathcing more true blood, midnight online shopping then 8am target run, and brunch with a bestie, THEN a 3 day workweek!

bananas. said...

happy hour?

oh yea...you're my kind of girl.

hope you had a kick ass weekend!!!

Taylor said...

I want to be where ever that picture is....oh Monday!

Lyndsy said...

Sweet Nothings ~ Your weekend (and 3 day work week) sounds fabulous! I am curious what you are thinking about True Blood? Hooked yet?

Banana's ~ The weekend was extra kick ass as I made it to the Angels vs Yankee game (even though the Angels lost). Hope your weekend was fab!

Taylor ~ I wish I was there too...Mondays = boo hiss.

Happenstance said...

Love this water photo! Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Monday:)


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