Forever Frugal Friday

For spring I would like to add a lighter colored bag into my handbag collection and I think this Intrigue Leatherette Tote will do just the trick. Big enough to carry all the essentials, but light enough to wear with just about any spring outfit. Best part, is that if this puppy gets dirty, I won't feel too bad tossing once fall returns. Gotta love that!


Nicole Marie said...


Cara said...

I have a cream color Coach bag that I have been using every spring for YEARS! I love it-and I love this bag too :) Have a good weekend! xx

fromatopink said...

This purse is just what I've been looking for! I'm heading to Forever 21's website now, thank you for sharing! :)

Michelle said...

Oooh I love this! I need a good, light-colored bag for summer. I get one from F21 typically every spring because they get DIR-TY come September. Thanks girl!


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