Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Net-A-Porter Brights

Whenever I really want to torment myself with things that I cannot afford but would kill to own, I head over Net-A-Porter and browse away.  Lately I have been attracted to all things bright.  Perhaps it is all the gray in LA, or the rebellion against the nude and beige trend that looks awful on me.  Below are some pieces I would love to sport around town.

The pieces I want MOST is this hot ass Jimmy Choo Daphne Ponyskin Leather Clutch.  It is also available in pink, but as I have said before neon yellow is all I have eyes for.  This clutch is TDF!  It would be so hot with just a LBD or boyfriend jeans, a deep V-Neck and a blazer.  This statement piece is sure to get you noticed.  Major heart.

Oh Marc.  How you tempt me so.  This Marc Jacobs Jacquetta Stripe Dress is summer sherbet perfection. I want to belt it in the middle, pair it with some super high gold heels and head out on the town, I don't really care where.  Loves!

I scared to death of sharks, and cannot tell a lie that swimming in the ocean sometimes has me singing the theme song from Jaws in my head.  However, I think I would probably be okay wearing this Virginia Johnson Shark Print Merino Wool Scarf without any fear of being eaten alive. 

And if I were somehow lucky enough to go to a swanky party that required a swanky dress, this Versace Stretch Cotton Mini Dress is sure to get the job done.

What luxuries are you lusting for from Net-A-Porter?


Holly said...

i always look at the Loubs!

Allison said...

Ohhh, love love love that neon! So perfect and fun for summer!

curiosities by nicole leigh smith said...

love all of these. me= obsessed with the brights!

Sweet Nothings said...

i LOVE the clutch!

Beebs said...

i adore that scarf!

Anonymous said...

I swear, I almost chose the Jimmy Choo clutch in pink for my Savannah outfit wedding post. Good eye.

Brettan said...

Scarves are so LA and Austin and so not SD, but take a fuchsia scarf with sharks on it and bury me in it. So cool.

Kristin said...

That MJ dress is KILLER. Love the colors!


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