Forever Frugal Friday

You know when you look through your closet and you feel like you are missing something?  Like that one piece that will make everything right?  I am feeling this way often lately, and when I saw this Striped Cardigan Vest I realized that I am definitely missing a vest for my summer attire.  I love the loose causal fit, and while I love it with jeans, I think it would also be darling with shorts.  Totally fun, hip and cute, perfect for the summer days ahead.


Olivia said...

SO cute. ive been wanting one sooo bad

Happenstance said...

This is so cute and way too hard to pass up at that price! Have a great weekend!

You Are My Fave said...

This may be one of the only vests I've ever considered.

Lyndsy said...

Isn't it so great! I really need to get into Forever this weekend for my upcoming trip to Denver. This piece would be perfect!


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