Song Of The Week: Symphonies

Welcome back everybody!  I had a spectacular weekend in the sun with friends and am just returning to work today (gotta love it is already Wednesday).  This song of the (work)week is Dan Black's Symphonies (featuring Kid Cudi) [Explicit]

I had never heard of Dan Black before but somehow ended up with his Symphonies song on my IPod and I quite enjoyed it.  Browsing through the music channel at home (the roomie and I enjoy watching music videos every now and then), I was excited to see Symphonies featuring Kid Cudi offered.  I have been a bit infatuated with Kid Cudi since he teamed up with MGMT for Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare) [Explicit] and folks he does not disappoint on this version of Symphonies. 

The song is electric, smooth and dare I say happy?  Whenever I am walking Waldo I find I have a little more pep in my step and perhaps even a little smile on my face. 



Brettan said...

Sat at the table next to Kid Cudi last weekend at Voyeur in LA ... feel pretty cool. Yep ... pretty cool. ;)
Download Elevators with John Legend.

Amber said...

Wow great song. I always love your picks you have shown me so mny new songs

Erin said...

Just bought this on iTunes - love all of your recs - keep 'em comin' please

Lyndsy said...

Brettan ~ Totally jelly. Kid Cudi is seriously the definition of cool. Glad you had a good trip to LA, you glamorous gal you!

Amber ~ glad you are enjoying the song!

Erin ~ I will try my best to keep bringing you some goodies!


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