Song Of The Week: Somebody to Love Remix

This is my confession. I have Bieber Fever. You heard it right. I love that little adorable Justin Bieber, and I also enjoy his music. I know, I know, I am a thirty year old woman not a tween, but his song are just so sweet and have great beats.

I am currently grooving to Somebody To Love Remix and after watching the video I can honestly say I like the song ever more now.  Justin Bieber is doing something right because he just purchased a Lambo as his first car (pretty similar to my 1988 Toyota Corolla GTS) and has many female admirers including one Miss Kardashian. 

Try and fight the urge to hate him and his fabulously fluffy hair, give this song a listen or two and let me know if you catch "Bieber Feber".


BusyB said...

hahahhaha i love it only because our whole house has the fever : )B fever that is lol!!!!

my husband and brother even were singing it this weekend when he came to visit hahahahha! i could not agree more : )

Today i have a jewelry GIVEAWAY!

KrzyKron said...

Ah! I have Bieber fever as well! How can you not sing along to Baby baby baby ooohhh! Love it! :)

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

LOVE this song. So fun and perfect for summer! I have Bieber fever too lol

Erin said...

Your Bieber Fever cracks me up! He's a talented kid, but he's in desperate need of a haircut.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Gosh I have total Beiber fever- loves it!

Little Miss Southern said...

TOTAL Beiber fever. :) LOVE him!

Thanks for posting! this will get me pumped for the Bachelorette!

Happenstance said...

I totally admire your confession–that's always the best first step. This is how I felt when JT broke out from N'Sync. I have not caught Bieber fever though. I still can't get past the pre-pubescentness of his being. But I'm not anti, so maybe soon?

Lyndsy said...

I am so relieved that ya'll are still reading my blog after my admission! I am also glad that you aren't hating on the Bieber either!


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