Best Bad Dresses of 27 Dresses

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I literally giggled out loud as soon as I saw this dress, as we have selected a yellow strapless dress with a pink sash for the bridesmaid dresses. Now, luckily for my bridesmaids, this is NOT the yellow we decided upon, nor am I a fan of matching the gloves, and the shoes, and the accessories to the dress. However, I must admit this dress is very sunny and fun and secretly I kind of love it!

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Now this pink and yellow stunner would be a great dress to wear to one of those 80's Prom parties (where you would for sure win the prize!). I am not gonna lie, when I saw this dress I instantly thought, I might love it if I was forced to wear a dress like this as a bridesmaid. I mean, you could literally dance around the room reciting, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty...". But for real, this is example of too much going on in one dress. Just pick one thing, instead of ruffles, chiffon, yellow, pink, and embroidery oh my!

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Oh I do declare, this dress is mighty dreadful. However, my maid of honor Carrie and I got to thinking, that it would be kind of a lot of fun to participate in a Gone with the Wind themed wedding. The hoop skirt, the ruffles, the yellow! What's not to love? Now I personally have never seen a dress as extravagant as this in any wedding, but no matter how gaudy it is, it still has a little bit of sweet to it as well! And what better insurance than a matching parasol in case the rain comes out to play, or the sun gets a little to warm and you need a little shade!

WOWZA! Lucky for us all, there are SOO many cute bridesmaid dresses out there now, that hopefully a closet full of 27 awful bridesmaid dress isn't in your near future.

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coco+kelley said...

i'm really pissed you're not having a 'gone with the wind' wedding. i always thought i'd make a fabulous scarlett o'hara... ;)


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