Paradise Found™

No really, Origins has found paradise, and bottled it up for us to enjoy daily. This Balinese body cream is the essence of Bora Bora (not that I have been there). Fruity, luscious and delicous is all I can say to describe this lotion. I put in on in the morning and all day long get a nice subtle waft of the scent every once in a while.

The scent will take you away from you office, housework, (or wherever you are that you need to escape ASAP) and transport your mind to a tropical beach, pina colada in hand and calm waves lapping at your feet. Even if only momentarily (and in your mind), this lotion is well worth the seconds away from reality.

As and added bonus, this lotion is very thick and a little goes a long way, so don't stress too much about the $26 price tag...just remember it is cheaper than a ticket to Bora Bora!


Shelby said...

oooh I'm so sold! I NEED this.

Lyndsy said...

It is INCREDIBLE! Let me know what you think once you try it!


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